CommBank Whistleblower

This is HUGE! More and more Australian industries are enforcing extreme vaccine mandates as countries go back on their mandates.

Watch this video – an anonymous employee speaks out – included in the video, screenshots and Q and A video with CEO and HR.

“I work for Bankwest (Commonwealth Bank) and they have placed a blanket vaccine policy on all staff. This includes staff who work 100% from home and do not even attend the office or branches. We are being bullied and harassed daily to get vaccinated. We have all requested a copy of the risk assessment that they completed with regards to the policy however they have refused to release it stating it contains confidential information. They have also stated it is on the interest of their shareholders…of who Vanguard and Blackrock who are also the main shareholders in Pfizer.

Any assistance would be so appreciated as there are a good few hundred staff, many who have been with the staff for 10 years plus stand to lose their jobs, including those who work from their own home without needing to go to the office. They are also using the excuse that there may be times we need to go to the office due to computer issues and this is their justification. Having worked from home for over 6 years I can say only once have I ever had to go in due to computer issues so these excuses are invalid and an over reach.

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  1. Hmm – BankWest (owned by CBA) is “my” bank. Time to change banks. Minor point – the devil voice is incorrect in saying the mandates disappeared on 15 December. There are a number of mandates which have come in since then and, as a NSW teacher, I am still mandated. No jab=no job.

  2. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of things but this just seems like madness beyond belief when other countries are starting to lift and discredit mandates. Home workers need to be vaccinated? Really?

    As far as vaccinated people being less likely to transmit the disease I’d be interested in seeing the “evidence” she talks about. I don’t think this is at all proven.

    And last rant. She says: We are “asking you to get vaccinated” … funny definition of “asking”.

  3. I guess they are taking all responsibility for any adverse reactions that may occur now or in the future due to making a trial vaccine with no long term safety data available part of your employment requirements.
    Stated their only aim is to keep people as safe as they possibly can, what are they putting in place to ensure the vaccine will not cause anyone to suffer one of the known adverse reactions to the vaccine rather than just a blanket policy that you must be vaccinated to keep your job.

  4. Yep, heard it all before. I resigned from Commonwealth Bank in 1974 for similar reasons. i.e. ‘plug into the matrix, be a good boy, do as you are told, don’t have an opinion, don’t expect to be treated as a human being,, you are a corporate asset, we control you. Yes I could be a retired Bank Manager by now on a lovely super stream. Maybe enough money to buy my soul back from the devil ?

  5. This is not about the safety of the bank as the lying shill wench asserts. Covid poses <0.3% death risk. This is political. Political expression is protected. When the paid up filthy shill women at the end says CBA is not discriminating. Yes they are. They are discriminating again a minority group's political viewpoint.

  6. I work for Anz and have same thing, if i dont get the jab, they will terminate me. Ive veen working for 17 year, loyalty means nothing. Even though im working from home. Its a disgrace. Not happy Jan!!!!

  7. Go in and close all your bank accounts now. Invest in Gold and Silver and hide very well. If you think this band of criminals will keep your funds safe you are dreaming. The world banking system in about to collapse. Get out now!

    1. Absolutely disgusting! Currently working from home with an insurance company and getting bullied regularly due to a company policy to mandate the injection to all staff!

  8. Can somebody please point out whereabouts in the Fair Work Act it is stated that it is permissible for an employer to direct employees to participate in a clinical trial with an experimental “vaccine”?

    What clause are these employers using to circumvent basic human rights?

    At what point can the Fair Work Act usurp the Privacy Act 1988?

    Also, extremely curious about so-called lawyers in Australia not having the same get-up & go or gumption that Aaron Siri in California has demonstrated. He’s taken on the FDA & Pfizer, but I have not seen or heard about a single Aussie lawyer doing the same or similar with our corrupt TGA.

  9. Australian government vaccination policy is totally corrupted long term with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest which is absolutely criminal.
    Likewise mainstream media empires totally corrupted and deeply deeply conflicted. Likewise absolutely criminal and no independent body whatsoever to nail these criminal tyrants.
    Like the news of John Farnham’s best mate Glenn Wheatley dying not a peep from mainstream media empires about Glenn being covid jabbed aka clot shot

    1. Oops sorry sent accidentally before finished.
      So now all we see in the idiotic and allegedly very negligent and deeply deeply conflicted mainstream media empires are them spewing their worn out garbage about Anti vaxxer’s claiming covid vaxx clot shot caused the death of Shane Warne

      1. Continued VERY IMPORTANT Shane Warne’s death.
        It’s impossible to get any truth out in mainstream media empires and farcebook keep blocking banning censoring removing information due to their membership with The Tyrannical and democracy destroying world economic Forum Klaus Schwab and his Tyrannical globalists mob so we have to rely on alternate news media sites to get truth out because mainstream media empires completely stuffed.
        Here we Go:-
        Shane Warne’s death: When Australian great revealed that he was put on ventilator during battle with Covid-19 | Cricket – Hindustan Times.
        He had received two Covid jabs and then after the covid jabs Shane contacted Covid infection in August, 2021

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