Are Australians REALLY giving informed consent?

Scott Morison says Australians have informed consent regarding vaccines and that “we are all responsible for our own health.” He says that the two recent deaths confirmed as a result of TTS as a result of being vaccinated are “terrible” and a reality when facing a pandemic. But the two people in their 40s died from the adverse reactions to the vaccine being pushed by the government and not Covid-19. 

Despite the AstraZeneca vaccine being abandoned by European countries due to its high risks, Scott Morrison and the Australian government are still allowing the people of Australia to believe it’s safe and effective. He has also introduced indemnity for GP’s who prescribe the vaccines. Why should doctors need indemnity if they are safe? Does this not suggest that there may be complaints or cases where the GP’s could indeed be sued for the consequences of the vaccine had he not granted this? 

Scott Morrison also admitted that he has tried to get Atagi to change the advice regarding who is suitable for the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying “it’s a constant appeal.” He and other government officials are supposed to be taking Atagi’s advice not the other way around, which he himself admits just moments after giving the statement about trying to get Atagi to change their recommendations. who controls the decisions after all? The group whose sole purpose is to create these guidelines or the government? Scott Morrisons inconsistent statements leave one wondering does he even know this answer himself? 

Australian doctors are given monetary bonuses for every Covid vaccine that they administer. And doctors around the world are coming out saying they are being threatened with losing their jobs and social media accounts censored for giving advice challenging governments recommendations.

So, are patients really giving informed consent? 

When you look at the TGAs information regarding informed consent and what this means it’s highly unlikely.

Informed consent as per the TGA’s guidelines involves it being “given freely, in writing (unless unable) and in line with good medical practice.” How is consent being given freely by the many frontline workers in the medical field such as aged care, where it has been mandated by the government? They risk losing their jobs if not vaccinated and therefore their decision is manipulated with coercion. 

The TGA’s information states in relation to informed consent that patients should be “specifically informed” that the vaccine is “not approved.” Are Australian doctors informing each recipient of the vaccine the difference between provisionally approved and approved vaccines and the fact that the covid 19 vaccines are not in fact approved and still in their trial phase? TGA says that informed consent includes that patients should have an “adequate knowledge” of not only “the likelihood of recovery” from Covid and also other treatment options. Do doctors explain to each patient their potential risks if they caught covid 19 based on their health, age and medical conditions? Or are they also claiming as Greg Hunt did in parliament that “if you catch covid you could die.”  

The TGA also says that patients should “be specifically informed” that there are “unknown risks and side effects are possible.” Especially considering there is no long term safety data as it’s still in a trial phase, are doctors informing each and every patient of this? Without all these points discussed before administering the vaccine to patients, they do not have informed consent. If as Scott Morrison says that those who have been vaccinated have given their informed consent. What then are the consequences for doctors who are not following the guidelines when it comes to actually ensuring that patients do indeed have informed consent? Does this mean that the government’s granting indemnity from liability only applies to doctors if they have checked off all the points listed regarding informed consent? And if patients were truly given informed consent would they still be lining up for the vaccines.

See full report at MCJ Report

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  1. Greetings Monica (still thinking)
    Your research is spot on.
    We are being used as guinea pigs in the development of these drugs. We could also be viewed as active participants in development. Microsoft, MYOB, Reckon used a similar method on software development. Let the end users alert you to the anomalies, then modify.
    Needless to say this pandemic is efficient, deadly with sometimes debilitating after effects.
    We do not have the full measure of it yet.

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