Considering putting your child into an experiment? READ THIS FIRST

This is Benjamin. He’s 14. He was born healthy. He has a hearing impairment since birth but other than that, he was perfect!
He hit all his milestones.
You know, he rolled, sat up, crawled, walked and talked on time. Nothing alarmed anyone whilst he was a baby. He was my angel baby. His older brother had been harder than hard. So, in comparison, Benjamin was a delight.
About 9 months old, his mother was approached by the Murdoch Children’s Institute to put Benjamin in a flu shot trial. His mother stupidly agreed. She was offered a small amount of money for it but that’s not the reason she agreed. She wanted to help others. She believed that no medical or government organisation such as the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, would ever put her child in danger and believed the researchers when they said it was safe.
Again, she stupidly trusted them.
Surely they would never do anything to hurt a child. It was a mere formality and there was no harm that could ever come to her beautiful son from it.
Little did she know.
Approximately, 12 months later her healthy son started having devastating seizures out of the blue.
The seizures were uncontrollable.
So much so, he was put into an induced coma for just under a week. He was in ICU and spent about 4 weeks in hospital. The doctors really had no idea how to treat him.
It was an incredibly hard and traumatic ordeal for all of the family.
Benjamin came home a different child to the one he went in.
His mother describes it as her healthy child died in hospital and she brought home a completely different little boy.
Years have passed since then.
Benjamin has a moderate intellectual disability.
He goes to a special school.
He has an extensive NDIS plan and requires care 24/7.
Life has never been the same for his family and his mother’s shame is overwhelming.
She often looks at her boy and says “why would I put my kid in a medical experiment? Who would do that? If I could just turn back time….”
It’s a terrible load to carry, knowing she could have possibly caused her son’s lifelong significant disability and devastating seizure syndrome called FIRES – Febrile Induced Refractory Epilepsy Syndrome.
The chances of getting this syndrome is one in a million.
And of course, when his mum asked the doctors if it could have been caused by the medical trial she put her son in, they said no.
In fact, one response was “does it matter what caused it?”
My reply, “yes it matters to me. I have to know whether I caused it”.
The doctors deny it’s related to the trial.
I am Benjamin’s mother. This is my son’s story.
I was the one who picked up the pieces. I am the mum who regrets that simple decision that changed our lives FOREVER.
I am the mum who will never have a “normal” child. I am the mum who showers her teenage son and feeds him like a toddler. I am the mum who knows her son will NEVER drive a car, his brother will NEVER have a “normal brother”, Benjamin will NEVER get married, will NEVER have children, will NEVER travel, will NEVER live alone, will NEVER have a job.
There are too many NEVERS.
The biggest NEVER though is my advice to parents who are wondering if they should get their kids j@bbed, NEVER allow your child to be injected with something that’s got NO long term safety data on it.
Err on the side of caution.
Remember my story.
You do NOT want to go through your life asking the question “what if I just said NO?”

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  1. 😢 I understand, so sorry this has happened to your so .My 23 year old daughter is a childhood vaccine injury. She has epilepsy that is getting worse, intellectual disability, incontinent, non verbal, level 3 ASD and needs 24 hour care. As long as I’m alive she will not have another vaccination.

  2. Why don’t the scientists use their own family members to experiment on? Definitely they know of the risks beforehand hence, are on the look out for gullible people. Benjamin and his mum are now paying a high price. Shame on those scientists, they cannot be trusted. Ever!

  3. This is so heart breaking and I am truly sorry to hear of your sons pain and torment and your self and family.
    I can not imagine how hard this must be on all of you and especially your beautiful son.
    Thank you so much for sharing this and I pray many will read this and listen to you.
    I hope you don’t mind if I share with you the hope that I know to be true in my life and my family is that there is a God that loves and cares for your son and your family so much and I know with all my heart that He is close to the broken hearted and wants to help you. I don’t know if you believe in Him and I’m definitely not telling to you to, and I pray this doesn’t bring any more pain to you, I just wanted to tell you we that we care and we will be praying for a miracle for your son. Also for the beautiful daughter of redsupie that commented below.
    Sending our love to you xx

  4. I don’t want to upset the narrative here, but realistically it may not have been the flu shot that caused the problem. I hope she is able to reconcile with that thought and that it brings her some comfort.

    I’d like to paraphrase my favourite sentence in that article: NEVER allow your child OR YOURSELF to be injected with something that’s got NOT long term safety data on it.