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How to contact

1. Make it personal. Template emails get deleted straight away. Even if you use text that has been used in a template, make sure the first paragraph and subject is unique to you.

2. A suburb in the first paragraph makes it more real. In theory, a member does not need to take you seriously if you aren’t in their electorate. Hence why we made the ‘postcode lookup’ tool so you can email only the members that represent your specific area.

3. Open up, try to pull on heartstrings. Logic doesn’t seem to work well these days but maybe your story will. It’s worth a shot. Sometimes it feels good to write down how you feel anyway, so it could end up being a win-win.

4. Actions have consequences. In your own words, you should let your MP know that your vote will be decided based on their actions and if they don’t stand up for the people, you won’t vote for them. Some members of Parliament only just won their seat, so they will work hard for your vote.

5. You should feel proud. We appreciate your participation and standing up for your rights.

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