Costa Rica’s New President Frees Country from ‘Illegal’ Covid ‘Vaccine’ and Mask Mandates

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“The people of Costa Rica are not cattle to be beaten with a piece of wood to get them vaccinated.” – President Rodrigo Chaves

In a historic press conference, Costa Rico’s newly elected President Rodrigo Chaves announced he would eliminate the country’s vaccination requirement. But unfortunately, the Covid Commission did not accept his decree in May. So now he has proved that the Commission acted illegally, having no mandate to enforce compulsory vaccination.

Until a few days ago, Costa Rica was one of the few countries where the Covid vaccination was mandatory. As of August 3, that has ended. The brutal Covid policy drove a wedge through Costa Rican society. Countless people have been fired or suspended for refusing to take experimental mRNA treatment.

Left-Wing Smears

The Newly elected President addressed the press together with Health Minister Josely Chacón. A typical left-wing “anti-vaccination” smear campaign had been launched against the two by both political opponents and the press. Because they have long been opponents of compulsory vaccination. However, last week, Chaves checkmated the media and his opponents.

In the press conference, the leaders explained that the National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiology (CNVE) violated the law and that commission members illegally occupied their positions, thus making all of their pronouncements illegal. The President then urged: “Costa Rica’s people are not cattle that you beat with a piece of wood and force to get vaccinated.

Vaccine and Mask Mandates Abolished

“As of today, vaccinations are no longer mandatory,” Chaves said at the press conference, “any action taken against someone who does not wish to be vaccinated is an action against the law.” Applause followed. He wanted to abolish compulsory vaccination earlier, but the Commission had refused. So just four days after taking office, Chaves signed two decrees. One should abolish the obligation to vaccinate, and the other should end the obligation to wear a mask.

Watch the President’s announcement here:

He also stressed in the press conference that neither the World Health Organization nor the Pan American Health Organization recommends mandating Covid vaccinations. On the contrary, both organizations favor citizens receiving the injections voluntarily. Nevertheless, Costa Rica acted very differently.

Chaves has been President of Costa Rica since May 8. Three months after taking office, his administration and supporters are celebrating his success. He reiterated that he was “not anti-vaccination.” His government would even recommend vaccination; however, citizens could choose whether they wanted to receive the injections. He stressed, “The people of Costa Rica are not cattle to be beaten with a piece of wood to get them vaccinated.”

Surprise President

Chaves ran for the Costa Rican Social Democrats.  He reached the runoff and won with 52 percent of the votes. He was also the finance minister from 2019 to 2020. Then, in August 2021, allegations of sexual harassment were made against Chaves. These should be between 2008 and 2013; at that time, he was still at the World Bank. He has adamantly denied the allegations.

Watch the following news report from May 2022 on Chaves’ presidential inauguration. The newly elected President spoke of eliminating mandatory Covid vaccinations and face masks. He also declared a national cybersecurity emergency after the attacks against several government institutions last April. Furthermore, some weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance building was assaulted:

Last fall, Costa Rica introduced a “1G rule” that only allows vaccinated people to enter restaurants and hotels in Costa Rica. The rule applies to all non-essential facilities. Even the cured had to be vaccinated at least once. The vaccination requirement for entry was lifted on April 1, 2022. 

Almost 93% of Costa Ricans have had at least one dose of the “vaccine,” 87% percent have taken a second dose; 51% have taken a third; and 10% have taken a fourth, according to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), the country’s Social Security Board.

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