The country of QLD to allow fully vaccinated in with a negative test and home quarantine. However, are preparing for a ‘storm’?

Queensland’s borders should open to the rest of the country in time for Christmas, the state’s premier has announced.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed new quarantine requirements for opening the Queensland border under a COVID-19 vaccination plan that hinges on double dose milestones being hit.

The plan outlines that residents from interstate hotspots – including Victorian and New South Wales – will be allowed into Queensland when the state hits its 70 per cent vaccination milestone, which is expected to be on November 19.

However, the travellers must be fully vaccinated, travel into Queensland by air, and they must undertake 14 days of home quarantine Ms Palaszczuk said she could not stress the imperatives of Queenslanders getting vaccinated to prepare themselves for Delta outbreaks reaching Queensland.

“If we are going to weather the storm, we can be so prepared for this storm if we get vaccinated now,” she said.”I am urging Queenslanders, this is your last opportunity. This is your last chance to get vaccinated.

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  1. Strange that everywhere the mass vaccination rolls out – so too does the ‘delta’ variant. (And before any trolls claim Delta came first – check where the jab testing started first. WhatsHerFace on YT ‘The rise of the variants’ vid covers this well.)

    The question that (still) no one is asking our health ‘authorities’ is that given that it is widely scientifically accepted – and even admitted by the CDC – that the PCR can’t distinguish between Covid-19 or Influenza A or Influenza B, how is it now identifying “delta”??

  2. Australia is a failed state with no law at worst, and law arbitrarily applied, at best.

    Section 92 of the Constitution guarantees absolute movement of people between the States. The High Court effectively annulled Section 92 in the Clive Palmer case.

    Australians must be permitted to leave Australia’s closed boarders as refugees, to seek asylum in other nations. The atrocities yet to come, put every Australian at risk. They can expect no relief or protection from the law. Even their right to work has been eviscerated. Next is bodily integrity with interment camps for those who refuse injections. The camps are being built. This is serious. Time is running out to flee Australia if you can by any means, including as boat people.

  3. Why does the heading of this article say “the country of Queensland” was this added by RDA?
    I know that Queensland is not a country, my gut is telling me that maybe the states want to be their own countries.