Monica Smit’s COVID charges WITHDRAWN

If you have COVID fines pending…don’t back down! If you know people who do, send this to them!

You are a human being with rights, and NO ONE should ever justify why they left the house without a piece of cloth over their face or were in a group larger than ten.

We’re done playing this clown game! NO MORE.

Find the strength to stand up for yourself. Let us know if you need help!

I wrote an Open letter to magistrates – Do the right thing…abolish all COVID-related fines! a few days ago and STARTED A PETITION with over 5,000 signatures about this. I am lobbying sitting members of parliament. We need to abolish all covid related fines and refund the paid ones!

On October 31st, 2020, I was arrested THREE times in one day, put in the back of a police van for 45 mins, and fined thousands of dollars just for leaving my house.

After more than two years of fighting these embarrassing fines, the prosecutors dropped the charges with NO explanation.

I was prepared and wanted a chance to set the record straight but they never give us the opportunity! They don’t want their actions being questioned in open court. They try to intimidate you and when they realise you aren’t backing down, they drop the charges.

I was charged with incitement last year, I fought them and the same thing happened, they dropped the charges.

Not everyone has the endurance or means to fight back and end up being forced to plead guilty against their will. I hope this shows you some proof that fighting back sometimes works.
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