Cowardice politicians ARE GOING TO HATE THIS :-)

As far as I’m aware, a tool like this does not exist in Australia.


You can now find every MP that represents you in one place (lower, upper, state, and federal).

Along with ALL their contact points, including social medias.

We can use this tool over and over and over again for different campaigns. Anyone can access it and we’re happy to even share the data we put together to create this.

Politicians are going to hate this new tool because it makes it easier for everyone to contact them on every single platform. It also makes it easy for people to find out exactly who represents them; upper, lower, state and federal all in one eyeshot. Right now, we have to search using 2 or 3 different websites to find out who represents us…not anymore.

This would not have been possible without an investor who helped us pay for the data we needed to create this game-changing tool. You know who you are…THANK YOU.

We have other projects that need sponsoring. It’s different than random donations because you get to see something tangible being created with your donation instead of it being spent on running costs like admin and tax. Email us if you want to see something come to life with your

There is an email address at the top of the webpage if you see something that isn’t right on the tool. Some electorates and postcodes overlap so it is hard to get it perfect from the start. We’d appreciate your help if you see something that’s wrong.

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