Craig Kelly is attending the Melbourne rally on Saturday

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  1. Democracy in Victoria died when it stopped MPs from being able to vote if they did not disclose their vaccination status. Totalitarianism commenced with this act on seizing patient medical records from a GP. Privacy laws regulate the handling of personal information about individuals. Privacy is a right enshrined in law (Privacy Act 1981, Cth) and in the Australian Privacy Principles (‘APPs’). The Act and APPs apply to individuals and Commonwealth Government agencies. ‘Medical confidentiality’ obliges a health professional to protect the information discussed in confidence between themselves and a patient or client. There is no specific confidentiality legislation in Australia, so in a strict legal sense it’s governed by the ‘common law’.

    1. You have put it all in a nutshell. It is disgusting that anyone is given authority to take
      medical files, either from a Doctor of hospital.