Open letter to TGA from Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly has data that shows an unusual increase of deaths in young boys since they started the vaccine rollout in the UK.

He is asking John Skerritt to immediately halt the vaccine rollout in teenagers until this is investigated properly. He says it is his duty of care to do so.

Craig sent this video to every Federal MP in Australia.
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  1. Here is a link from a fact checking page that calls the extra deaths claim into question:

    Having posted that, I mostly agree with Mr Kelly. Looking at the fact checking article even it concedes an increase by male deaths by 17% when compared with a five year average. Given COVID is very unlikely to cause serious problems in that age group mandatory jabs are madness.

    Final point: I really don’t give a toss what data Coles or Woolies have looked or how thoroughly. It is not their prerogative to make decisions on health related matters about anyone.

    1. The “fact checking sites” and other pharma shills are desperately trying to avoid the obvious conclusions about these deaths. The caveats they raise are, on the face of it, plausible, but do not stand up to close scrutiny.
      For instance most deaths and adverse events occur in close proximity to the time of vaccination- especially in the first three days. That is a smoking gun that cant be explained away.

      Secondly we need to look closely at the data related to other vaccines:
      Coronavirus vaccines 1 Jan 2021 till 10 October 2021- 589 deaths.
      Versus Influenza vaccines – same period- ZERO deaths.
      Dont give the buggers an inch Kfriswell.

      1. I’m very interested in the database Andrew. I searched for COVID-19 Vaccine – type not specified and supplied the same date range you specified. It returned 19 deaths, (which I thought was shocking). What did you search on to get 589 deaths?

      1. Thanks Mark – very useful post. The further down the rabbit hole you go the darker it gets. I keep coming back to this: trust your own instinct. I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can stay away from vaccines without destroying myself financially.

  2. I put it to MP Kelly that Skerrit will never “do the right thing”. He is owned by pharma, and every action of his is corrupt.
    No doubt Kelly knows this and is setting him up for a fall.

  3. Not sure where to write this, so I will try here. Andrews has
    announced more changes next Friday because Victoria will
    be 80% vaxed, then he will be going for 90%, but not happy
    with that he will be going for more. Has he become psychic??
    All of a sudden he knows weeks in advance what percentage
    Vic. will be, or is it because Cup Day is coming and also
    Christmas. I smell a rat and all of this nonsense is totally

  4. Thanks for this Craig. You keep sounding the alarm and the authorities keep ignoring what you say – with no reasons why. This is not a health issue -let’s face it. We should be following the money to work out who is buying who. I just hope IBAC can weed out the liars and Andrews goes down.