The Cult of Dan Andrews

Peta Credlin’s documentary, The Cult of Daniel Andrews, is a must-watch and does an excellent job in three respects.

First, it recounts some of the various scandals which have plagued the troublesome tenure of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Second, it offers a succinct overview of the myriad of serious challenges Victoria faces after eight years of his government. Third (and finally), the documentary implicitly provides a foreboding vision of the terrifying prospect of another four years of Andrews government.

Where is the accountability?

Where is the ABC in all of this?

Allow me to provide a concise recap of some of the important points and quotes articulated by a few of The Cult’s guests.

Michael Danby, Federal Labor Minister from 1998-2019

Danby’s appearance in the documentary provided the perspective of a long-time Labor member who is disenfranchised by Andrews’ authoritarian style of leadership. His section was powerful because Labor is notorious for being a party that does not tolerate dissent within its ranks; this is a party that will most likely expel you from its ranks if you dare to cross the floor of Parliament.

Danby called out his own state party’s leader, disparaging the ‘personal fiefdom’ of the Andrews government.

Andrews has become more powerful than the Victorian Labor Party itself, a party that the late ‘Bob Hawke would not recognise’ compared to the Federal ALP he led in his tenure as Prime Minister.

Indeed, Danby admitted the ‘anti-worker Woke ideology’ which pervades the Victorian ALP has rendered the ‘worker party’ unrecognisable to its past roots.

These are powerful words from a long-standing Labor man.


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