The Data Is Here – is it Time for Those Responsible To Pay?

“If covid is as dangerous as they have claimed, and the vaccine is as effective as they claimed, we should by now, be seeing many more covid related deaths among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated.”

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  1. Those pushing the narrative, (Govt, MSM, Big Pharma, Big Tech etc), have a got a real problem. Truth. The longer this goes the harder it’s going to be for them.

  2. World Economic Forum trained many leaders including Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau

    The end is near for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    What is the Great Reset? TOTALITARIANISM

    Reiner Fuellmich Corona Virus Grand Jury

    New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands | Perpetual Pandemic Perpetual Fear

    Australian National Review – FDA Executive Officer on hidden camera reveals future COVID policy

    Carbon dioxide lunacy will see 47% of workforce lose their jobs in the next 10 years

    Why Many Climate Crisis Claims Are Based On Manipulated Science | Principia Scientific Intl.

    Clinton Gillard using$460 million of our money to kill off Australian coal industry

    What innocent populations are fighting for FREEDOM

    Condemnation of use of sonic blasters devices weapons by police or anyone

    Sonic blasters devices weapons used by Police on innocent people protesting against tyrannical governments

    June 2020 The American Association of Audiologists have taken the public position that LRADs should be banned for use as crowd control for health reasons

  3. FOR WORLD WIDE ATTENTION!! WORLD DOCTORS ASSOCIATION President announces Covid is a seasonal infection and all of the Lockdowns and Masks and Vaccines are OVER !!!! Politicians of the world you are all in BIG TROUBLE

    Secret Network of covid 19 co-conspirators revealed Here’s how they rolled out the covid tyranny so quickly – World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab


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