Democrat Dan – Copying notes from the US midterms

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Two dominant key messages helped the US Democratic Party avoid the predicted ‘red wave’ in that country’s mid-term elections a fortnight ago: that ‘the Nazis are coming to get you’ and ‘young women must have their right to abortion protected’.

With less originality than a Milli Vanilli concert, the kids in Dan Andrews’ monolithic PR department have come up with a similar approach: increase the ‘Nazis are everywhere!’ rhetoric and hand out ‘free tampons!’ to secure the female youth vote.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been treated to these marvelous lines from the nation’s greatest political copycat. Andrews tweeted:

‘I want to be very clear here. Nazis, racists, and bigots have no place in politics. They have no place in our Parliament. And they have no place in our state.’

Well, I sure am glad he cleared that up. Next he’ll be making such incisive observations as ‘reality TV is annoying’.

In another tweet, the Premier wrote:

‘The Liberal Party are actively supporting candidates who espouse those views. I’m not going to name them – I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of airtime. But I am going to call it out. This is what’s at stake this election.’

Now, where have I heard the line ‘democracy is at stake at this election’? Oh yes, Joe Biden. Next the Premier’s PR kiddies will be telling us ‘democracy is on the ballot at this election’. Keep an eye out for things being ‘on the ballot’ in the next few days. They must be saving that one up for a big finish.

Dan’s supporters on social media are in some kind of frantic over-drive. This is probably because recent polling has indicated that voters may be waking up to Dan’s nice guy act and are ready to strip him of power in his previously comfy seat.

One of the more ‘mature’ members of the Twitter-brigade (who describes himself as a ‘political spinner’) wrote on Sunday:

‘Stunning how most hardcore Dan Andrews haters look like and sound like Trump supporters. Scary s—t! Anyone else seeing this?’

I guess that includes the highly-respected 84-year-old former Victorian Police Commissioner Kel Glare who is on record as saying, ‘In all my 84 years I have never seen a government as corrupt as this.’

Given the modus operandi of some of Australia’s governments of the past 80 years, that’s quite an achievement for young Daniel and his friends.

My favourite recent Dan-tweet is this one:

‘[We] will add to the more than 2,500 mental health jobs we have created in the past two years, giving Victorians more access to psychiatrists, psychologists, peer support workers, and mental health nurses.’

When did it become a good election tactic to admit that citizen mental health has become so poor during your leadership that it has been deemed necessary to create an army of mental health workers to fix it? Surely this mysterious rise in depression has nothing to do with the Covid years or the cost of living crisis…

And then there’s all the ‘female target market’ messaging:

‘Endometriosis, pelvic pain, polycystic ovary syndrome, perimenopause, and menopause are serious health issues. And yet they go undiagnosed, or are brushed off as “niche issues”. They aren’t. And they need to stop being treated like they are.’

Has he just invented ‘Dan-splaining’?

Who can disagree with that? It’s absolutely true. If only Dan Andrews had been either Premier or Minister for Health for 12 years, he could have done something about it!

Fortunately, most of our young women have been well trained by our excellent education system and high-quality social media channels like TikTok and Instagram, to cast a critical eye over popular trends and never accept things at face value. There’s no way they would fall for a last-minute move as obvious and cynical as offering taxpayer-funded sanitary products.

The idea of taxpayer-funded essential items isn’t new, of course. It’s a valid concept worth discussing. It’s just that most discussions of this kind occur at the beginning of someone’s term in power, not after 12 years of ignoring the matter while in office.

Now, I’m not one for government intervention or nanny-state policies, but if we’re going to play this game, we need to be fair across all of the identity politics categories of gender, race, and sexuality.

Clearly, there’s not enough votes in spending more on men’s health to help close the five-year mortality gap.

Just as well Victorians aren’t easily fooled by modern spin-doctoring. Victoria…?

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