Patients denied healthcare over vaccine choices

In recent weeks, distressing reports from people in South Australia have emerged whereby they have either been turned away from healthcare services because they weren’t Covid-19 vaccinated OR they have been told they can’t access the healthcare services in person because they are Covid-19 unvaccinated.

It appears that this is happening across the country.

In one story, a mother took her six-year-old daughter to her local GP clinic and was informed that because she was unvaccinated, their consultation would need to occur outside in their own car.  Others were told that their only options were telephone consultations, which is obviously not an ideal way to conduct a needed doctor’s appointment. Many clinics appear to be operating from the mindset that “unvaccinated people are posing a health threat to others”. After all, we must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, right?

Since the introduction of the vaccine mandates In South Australia for Mental Health Workers, including Psychologists and Counsellors, many patients have reported having their therapy sessions disrupted if their therapists did not comply. These sessions are much needed by the patients, these very sessions mean the difference between keeping depression manageable for the patients and this includes suicidal patients as well.

Likewise, the Disability Care sector has been subjected to the same mandates. This means the industry, whose purpose is to provide care to some of the most vulnerable members of society will now face staff shortages, too – all in the name of “public health.”

It seems that in the logic of the “Covid state”, the ends justify the means, and the only “end” that matters is getting everyone vaccinated to eliminate a virus that is statistically in the same ballpark as the flu. But this “ends to justify the means” is having devastating results in untold job losses; untreated medical problems persisting in the community and unmanaged/unmonitored mental health problems persisting. Yet, Covid-19 itself poses virtually no threat to most of the population.

And this is all despite the facts that the vaccines do not prevent transmission, yet these same vaccines have been documented as causing a plethora of adverse reactions.

Australia has traditionally been a country where people are not deprived of medical care because of their personal choices. To do so, is repugnant to traditional Australian sensibilities. We are all equal before the law and possess an equal, innate dignity, and this is an essential part of what it means to live in a free, liberal democracy.

However, with the rise of the “Covid state”, we are now witnessing our relationship to our government and our status as citizens fundamentally changing from one in which we had certain rights regardless of our personal choices and beliefs, into one in which our rights are supposedly bequeathed to us by the state as a reward for our compliance – even to the point of having to receive pharmaceutical treatments the government orders us to have.

The fact that anyone is being turned away from medical care, should be of grave concern to every Australian, but fear has blinded us to the obvious.

Vaccine mandates, and an irrational fear of Covid has brought a sudden halt to the healthcare of anyone who has made the rightful decision to refuse a Covid-19 vaccine. Those who refuse to comply with the arbitrary whims of the power-mad health bureaucracies are being treated as a threat to the common good which, if the vaccines work at all, makes no sense whatsoever.

Furthermore, doctors who refused to comply with the state mandates (and there are many of them) have been sacked, so GP clinics across the country face staff shortages. Additionally, why are there doctors or nurses who didn’t want to take the vaccine? Are they all crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists, or do they have good reasons for not wanting the vaccines and are being silenced? One would think that firing healthcare workers of any sort would be the last thing we would be doing in a pandemic. Clearly, this is not about health. It is, in my humble opinion, about justifying vaccine mandates no matter what.

In light of the reports about people being turned away from healthcare, I called a few of my local GP clinics to ask about the situation and found one nearby clinic that was still accepting in-person appointments with unvaccinated patients. I asked the receptionist, “Am I able to make an appointment without having received a Covid-19 vaccine?” She replied, “Of course! We’re not turning away anyone here.” It was a refreshing dose of sanity and goodness in a world becoming increasingly hostile.

The receptionist kindly explained to me that, in South Australia at least, these decisions were being made by the clinics themselves and that there is currently no government mandate to refuse treatment or in-person visits to unvaccinated people, and that those who are doing so have taken it upon themselves for various reasons. One clinic I called informed me that they couldn’t see unvaccinated patients because of “limited space.” I didn’t bother to ask more about that.

I encourage readers to call their local clinics until they find one that won’t discriminate against unvaccinated people. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that still remembers what the purpose of the medical profession is – to treat and heal people, regardless of their personal decisions.

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  1. Tuning away a 6-year-olds from medical treatment and sacking qualified doctors who have concerns regarding these medical trials. Wow, Australia has sunk low.

    Bullying people to submit to medical experimentation with treats to their livelihoods, freedom of movement, forcibly separating families, banning people from their basic grieving rights. What kind of sick mind dreamed up these oppressive policies?

  2. The dire and worrying situation presently happening with our health services proves beyond any doubt that George Christensen is absolutely spot on comparing the current treatment of the “unvaxxed” of our population to the beginning of what eventually led to the holocaust!
    As has been described by a survivor of Auschwitz it began for the Jewish people in Nazi Germany in much the same way as will no doubt happen to us!!
    As the survivor explained. At first they were not allowed to go to entertainment venues, sporting events and swimming pools etc. Next they were not allowed to join a choir for the purpose of singing. Not allowed to sit on certain park benches etc etc
    And before you know it they were incarcerated and ultimately murdered in concentration camps!
    We know that these type of internment camps are already being built in every state of Australia.
    Needless to say that Morrison with his overwhelming propensity to lie and lie some more does not like the comparison because it is to close to reality!

  3. My son had an appointment at his regular clinic this week, but not with his regular doctor who was fully booked. He is double vaccinated and because of his cough had a negative covid test he could provide. Regardless, the appointment was held with him sitting in his car talking to this female GP over his mobile phone.
    What puzzles me is, why are the brain dead bureaucrats and health officials so scared of a virus if they and the patient are double ‘vaccinated’. Perhaps they are admitting that the gene therapy just does not work!
    It is absolutely outrageous that the TGA will only allow gene modifying agents to be used in Australia and not vaccines produced on traditional grounds such as COVAX-19 (Petrovsky) or Novavax. I do hope one day that people will be taken to court over this.
    Meanwhile in the USA LifeSite News reports –

    1. Interesting isn’t it? They keep telling us that the vaccine is the only
      thing that keeps you safe, yet they all run away even when they
      are fully vaccinated. To be denied medical care is absolutely

  4. For those old enough, remember in the 1980’s when HIV/AIDS first came about? At the time we were talking death sentence. Given it was both dangerous and contagious there was a strong likelihood of serious discrimination against people with the disease. The decision was made that it was illegal to even ask a person if they had HIV/AIDS so that any form of prejudice or persecution against them could be avoided.

    How things have changed.

  5. I’m in South Australia and our useless, insipid Premier, Steven Marshall, has done the Pontius Pilate thing and washed his hands of vaxx passports for accessing health services by allowing individual providers to do whatever they want. My dental practice has gone full ‘you must be vaxxed to get in or show a negative PCR test’. Needless to say, we have parted ways (and, even if I was double-jabbed, I would have left them because I refuse to support such unscientific and discriminatory practices). I have since found a dentist who does the bare minimum to comply with Public Health Orders (wearing a mask as a patient in the waiting room) and I am happy to provide him with my custom. Not all health practitioners are Covid-demented.

  6. This is a heinous human rights abuse and surely some big law firms are horrified at what is happening !! I was on crazzfiles website just now and I am absolutely traumatized ! Queensland health Nazis have refused life saving surgery if we are not jabbed with the dangerous covid jab !!! Where the hell are we !!! Why are not there thousands of lawyers all over these crimes against the population ? !!! This is political and medical terrorism !! We are terrified if we need medical! hospital help and we are not going to be allowed unless have the death jab !!! That causes such heinous damage !! My god I want my life and my country back and our democratic rights not governments who have mainstream medicine and mainstream media and pharmaceutical companies and globalists running the political system !!! And totally destroying our lives and freedoms !!

  7. So let me get this straight…
    They’re afraid unvaxxed patients will somehow infect vaxxed patients, who got the jab to be protected against Covid in the first place. So what’s the point of being vaxxed?
    Does that mean that if I end up getting the jab I should then be scared of “the unvaxxed”??? Makes absolute zero sense to fear unvaxxed people. 🤦‍♂️

  8. the one thing that stands out when medical practitioners refuse the unvaccinated. They are NOT GOOD doctors/practitioners. If they were, they’d do their homework. There is one dopey celebrity doctor who appears on channel 7 sunrise (which I no longer watch), who said IVM is horseworm treatment and that the trials they did for IVM were rigged and done done correctly. Her comments were scurrilous. In normal circumstances she’d be howled down for criticising such an award winning drug but she tells straight out lies and gets away with it. You would NOT WANT this woman treating YOU FOR ANY ILLNESS. The word INCOMPETENT comes to mind..

  9. My doctor told me these mandates came from S A Health. Tried to book an MRI yesterday. Was first told “No, unvaccinated are not allowed in this hospital” Upon asking for it to be in writing on letterhead I had a call from a manager with different rules. Neg Covid test 48 hours prior and isolate until appointment. Despite ALL cases here in SA being in jabbed people…… we ‘vaccine free’ are the spreaders?

  10. I live on the NSW south coast and I had an appointment with a specialist cancelled bc of my vax status. Their office rang me and said they were unable to see me if I wasn’t double vaccinated. I’m almost 70 and have a serious medical condition needing treatment, but that didn’t matter to them- no vaccination, no treatment, they told me. For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be Australian.

  11. What about Australian HealthCare Charter of Rights?I too was refused care inside rural clinic after 6 week waiting for face to face .Escorted outside once asked in front of other patients my vax status.Was seen outside in car park in 34 degree heat no shade in car park and no computer access to records.No access to specialist notes referred by that GP.Is their a breach of that Charter and who do you complain too on what grounds?