Victorian Bill Set To Deploy Authorised Officers To Victorian Farms

While we’ve been busy on the federal election, dopey Dan is at it again. Lucky for us, he doesn’t have long left in parliament 😊

Seems the Victorian government is soon to deploy a fresh gang of authorised officers with extraordinary powers to enter, search and demand ‘assistance’ from people in the agricultural sector. 

Again, more overreach, more power and more control.

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  1. If you’ve looked at these papers you will realise the extent of government overreach – its becoming horrendous! Our freedoms and right to live our lives is being curtailed, strangled! These people know of food shortages coming and they are going to come to our farms and possibly just take it. The other thought is the fake ‘climate change’ will be blamed on methane from cows etc now. Culling of tens of millions of chickens in the US (from a virus that has never been isolated) has started, plus Biden pays farmers NOT to farm, fires/explosions at food factories there will eventually come here too. But all staged to assist with the ‘great reset’ for which all major parties seem to be on board with!!!

    1. Hi Tina, Can you say in which page of the amendment that this refers to. I have been in contact with Diggers, which is Victoria based seed and plant retail. If you can then may contact them directly?
      0449 651 896. They want to know if is referring to home grown food, as some are saying? And where it is in the amendment? They are planning to meet with Agriculture Victoria.