The following article is written by Melanie from Fresh Perspective.

In this article, I would like to talk about detox.  But first I believe that the words from Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe ring so true at this time. Let me share them with you.

Our second life begins when we realise that we only have one. So let us resist the impulse to hide under the covers. I believe strongly that we can’t allow ourselves to be escapist, that we do not fight for what we believe.

Let us not be defeated. Let us not be suffocated and overwhelmed by what confronts us.

Being strong when we don’t feel we are able to be strong, quite often takes us off guard. We’re not usually planning an event or situation that knocks us off our feet (Illness or forced situations). Naturally people are not comfortable with change, and we don’t feel that one mere person such as ourselves will make any difference, besides we have enough in life to manage.

But here can be the surprise, the ability to stand for what you know and want deep down, to stand for what’s best for you, your community, and your future. That is when you can be strong, oh so strong when you have the conviction, the burn, the oxygen that gives us the breath to be well. Then we surprise ourselves with the strength determination and commitment to carrying on through.

You are likely to see many practitioners start to promote their detox programs about now, leaving you to consider whether you will partake in the practice. About February/March is a considered time, with the change of seasons and in the northern hemisphere, the perfect time to cleanse and awake from the colder months and celebrations. For those of us down under it is the time to rebalance and cleanse as we head out of summer and many holiday events and activities, which for both are likely to have included many indulgences.

Please consider the above quote if you think a detox may be too hard to do, or the timing is not right, or there is effort involved.

What I suggest you do, is how about digging deep and asking yourself some questions like

does your body need this? Do you sense slight changes to your wellbeing that may be signals to notice and take care?

do you want to prevent illness and disease? Is it time for selfcare and time to put others slightly to the side. To have a body that is fit and able, to function fully into the future.

do you deserve this? To lead a wonderful life and to continue to stand for what is right, to be there for others and yourself so you can achieve all you desire.

Perhaps a detox is something you can manage after all?

We are in fact detoxing all the time as that is the body’s natural activity and one of the many jobs of the kidneys, liver, skin, lymph, and gut. However, the way we live today means there are far more toxins our bodies have to cope with;

  1. Glyphosate on fields and foods
  2. Mould and mycotoxins
  3. Phthalates nicknamed the “everywhere chemical,” typically in cosmetics, skincare, paints, and even food packaging
  4. Heavy Metals
  5. Organophosphates, chemical substances with toxic effect.
  6. Parasites

While it is impossible to avoid exposure to these things altogether, it is critical to minimise your exposure and open up your drainage pathways to eliminate these chemicals and toxins from your body.  And that is where detoxing comes in. A practice best completed 1 – 2 times a year.

There are many detoxes on the market to suit different lifestyles, and research is worth the time if you are unsure. A word of warning, if a detox is not guided, not long enough or just a box of pills, it’s not going to do for your body what it deserves with the time you are taking to participate.

During a detox you will have to omit the top food groups that are known to be inflammatory and toxic to the body. You may also want to remove additional food groups, that you personally have issues with, allowing the body to focus on clearing and restoring. Overall, the top food groups usually removed are Sugar/Gluten/Dairy/Grains/Eggs and Meat on some detoxes and alcohol. You can have small amounts of caffeine such as that found in Green tea.

So here are a couple of simple suggestions for beginners to try a detox. The first for total beginners, focuses on switching out fried and processed, fast and frankenstein food, for whole foods the way our grandparents ate, and something we only do occasionally now. Using this plan will help you transition to healthier eating afterwards. The wholefoods in this detox encourage organs to open up and clear their pathways. This detox is high in fibre, and you must drink plenty of water, herbal teas and clean juices to flush toxins from the body. This detox/cleanse is also more holistic in its approach. You have a meal plan to follow with recipes and practices to follow. If you consider this detox try to use organic produce as much as possible. Particularly those fruit and vegetables that are classified under the dirty dozen. Yes, Australia is very similar to the US.

Think about it like this, food is one of the few places where we have control over what we take in regarding toxins. So, choose to fuel your health. There are also a couple of common supplements that are recommended to take with this detox, but most certainly can be continued afterwards if you don’t already take these now. The 21 day Transformational Nutrition cleanse is a simple free and easy detox to do as a beginner, try it here with the recipes here.

The next has more supplements that will be the stimulus and support for deeper organ detoxification. It also contains meal plans and recipes. It contains natural supplements that are often expensive on their own. Try smart cleanse here. The cost is $199.

If you are familiar with detox or already follow the practice, then can I ask, are you getting the most from your efforts?

Not only does the diet need to change, but your day-to-day practices may also need to alter and you’ll need to listen to the cues that the body will be providing to you. Below are a few practices that I see many are missing when detoxing and can make the practice that much greater.

1. Are you approaching your detox from a holistic point of view, you have this opportunity to detox not only your organs but move your lymph, body, and mind too. Could this be the time to break a bad routine or habit? Read here further practices you can complete to increase the benefits of your detox.

2. Does your detox involve release, remove, and restore? Quite often there are supplements supplied that will open your pathways and allow a release, with additions to remove the bad stuff out, but what about the restore? You will have given inside the body a bit of an overhaul, and by how much may depend on how long your detox goes for, and how your body has responded/made you feel during the practice. Make sure you follow up with a health practioner or the customer support, for the detox you may have decided to do if you need to find out more.

Restoring is critical as nutrients are depleted by environmental toxins and the work done through the detox. Seeking Health have a good range of detox supplements to take whilst you are completing and after this practice.

3. Are you getting to the deeper tissues at the cellular level of toxin release? Now days there is a greater appreciation to the way toxins are held within your fat cells to protect us and how they really impact the gut and destroy your good “immunity-bacteria,”. We are only in the early stages of understanding the gut microbiome. And the fact that SO MANY STUDIES are already connecting toxins to deeper issues is really important to keeping the gut detoxed.

True cellular detox is what I call hard core as it digs deep to also detox the brain. It is a lot longer and harder than a usual detox, 90 days but may be just what is required for those of us who always get sick or generally severely fatigued. Check it out here.

4. Life after your detox. Try to maintain some of the new habits or activities that you have started. You may feel refreshed or a bit tired. Let your body catch up on sleep and gradually bring back the food groups you have taken away. Leave 1 – 3 days in between to see if they give you issues of any kind. Start with home cooked meals, and see if you can retain some of the practices or foods to always be assisting your body going forward. Utilising some of recipes afterwards are also a good way to help your body.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get to know me more and if you want to contact me, or book an appointment at my site

With love, health and help



Hello, my name is Melanie, and I would like to help more people manage and feel comfortable about their health, outside the conventional system that many feel is the only way. We can self-manage our wellbeing far easier than we realise, firstly by listening to our body’s signals, second noting and tracking these, and thirdly implementation of a practice or a change, uncomfortable as change may be.

I am a certified nutritionist, mindfulness coach, and fasting fanatic. I have a bachelor’s degree in social science – psychology, diploma of marketing and advanced diploma in natural beauty therapy.

Providing holistic nutrition coaching I work to guide and support women with their health, specifically focusing on one’s nutrition, energy, neuro-endocrine and gut imbalances. Although many of this can apply to men. We women are just a little more complex.

I see that most of health’s challenges we face come from imbalances in the body, however when we view this from a symbiotic view; rather than from the conventional view; of isolation or as compartments; we can identify root causes.

I have an extensive background in coaching and guiding others particularly through change and assist clients to take a compassionate look at themself via their individuality, with nutrition, behaviours, and life’s experiences.

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