Injection detox with Prof. Ian Brighthope tomorrow

This is segment no.1

2nd Session: Professor Ian Brighthope on countering cardiovascular problems due to viruses or injection adverse events TONIGHT AT 8PM HERE

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  1. This guy runs an organization that doesn’t abide by regulations and hired an ex doctor who was responsible for the death of two of his patients. But go off how the vax is spoopy and full of man eating micro robots or something.

    1. I’m not against allopathic medicine per se, but would you care to comment on the number of people who die from properly prescribed medicine ever year, which doctors prescribe?

      1. Tonnes I assure you. But that’s not the point is it? The lunatic they hired had his license revoked. He shouldn’t be practicing medicine yet they hired him. Ian himself sells vitamins and therefor has a clash of interests. His organisation has come under scrutiny for carrying out human trials in unaccredited labs and selling quack treatments to desperate cancer patients. Just pointing this out to the crowd who get all worked up over the supposed unsafety and quackery of the vaccine.