Australia – it’s time…DIGITAL ID IS HERE

We knew it was coming, but it’s actually already here. It’s happening right under our noses…but we’re on it now!

Today, I went through these steps myself and deleted as much of my data as possible from MyGov and the ATO. I also put in an FOI (Freedom of Request) demanding any documents or digital data they have on me to be destroyed or sent to me.

We have an opportunity to get on the front foot before it’s too late. A lot of things they are doing now still require our consent. However, they have explicitly stated they are waiting for future legislation to be passed so they can do more with the digital ID.

Disclaimer – viewers must approach these suggestions in relation to their own personal circumstances. Not everyone can delete their accounts and/or apps if it’s the only way for them to access Centrelink, the pension, or other services. The government should supply an alternative method for these things, but we aren’t sure if that is an option. Do your own independent research to ensure it fits your personal situation.

So let’s do whatever we can NOW to protect our data privacy.

Step 1 – DELETE both apps if you have them; MyGovID and ATO

Step 2 – If you know your login details, sign in and select Account settings, then select Close account. Read more. If you don’t know your login details, Call 132 307. Choose option 1 > 1 again > then 3. Wait on hold, it might take 10-20 mins.

Step 3 – Tell them you’ve changed your phone number and can’t get the verification code.

Step 4 – The operator will tell you they have to delete your account and you have to create a new one.


Step 6 – Apply through an FOI (Freedom of Information) request to ensure they send you any data or documents they already have, and ensure they destroy any digital data of you. CLICK HERE FOR FOI APPLICATION FORM
Read more about their privacy policy.

This is what I wrote if it helps you…I also pasted it into the body of the email when I sent the FOI.

I request that you send me ANY documents you have under my person (write your full legal name), and my previous or current businesses (write name/s of businesses).
I require confirmation that you have destroyed all digital data of mine from all your systems, including any partner or affiliate systems. I have also emailed asking the same thing. These include, but are not limited to, ID documents such as my passport, driver’s license (or any other license), medicare card, ID cards of any kind, payment cards (credit cards and bank cards), all bank account information, and any biometric data. I have read ( that everything you keep or share of mine must be done WITH MY CONSENT.
I hereby withdraw any previous consent I may have given you to hold, use or share any of my data.
It is now officially on record that I do not consent to you having access to ANY data of mine.
Thank you.

Step 7 – Forward the same email to I wrote in the body of the email…“I wanted to forward this to your department as well so it is on record”

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  1. I agree with all you are saying, but does this mean we would no longer have Medicare and how will it affect people on aged pension? Will they stop both of these?

    1. No. Eligibility for Medicare and/or the aged pension is not dependent on having these apps/accounts. Closing an account only means you lose your access to some of the info kept about you in databases. Closing an account also means that accessing info held about you is a little more difficult for criminals. Privileged government insiders who know how to bypass logs and alarms will still be able to access your data and trade it with criminals. I learned this the hard way 2009-current in Melbourne.

  2. I am sharing the below hard earned lessons to make people’s expectations more realistic:
    1) Victoria Police controls Freedom of Information. Don’t expect to receive truthful response from FOI, let alone complete info. I have no criminal background.
    2) Your data is collected and kept irrespective of your choices. The law is both powerless and out of date, and privileged government insiders know that.
    3) Your data is unprotectable in digital form and it won’t be deleted irrespective of your rights. The only thing you can do is not update your data anywhere. This is against the law when it comes to vehicle registration.

  3. This needs to be discussed somewhere to assist people, and not just leave them hanging.
    You make a suggestion to help others, but for those who are not aware of the big picture will not act on your suggestions.
    Look at all the questions below, and no one can offer answers.