Discussion topic; should you disguise yourselves at the next protest?

So many reports of dibber dobbers…maybe we should consider some tactics? Or is that being a wuss?

What do you think?

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  1. Surely the Police are lying. 5,000 – 10,000 calls is completely disproportionate. Possibly a few hundred if that, but the police in both NSW and VIC acting as the private army of the state govts will stop at nothing so exaggerating the amount of calls is par for course along with the MSM beat-up.

  2. It may be warranted, but at the moment I’m more concerned about digital privacy, like staying away as much as possible from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, all who harvest our data and personal information.
    Facial recognition has come a long way in the wrong direction, there are videos on Rumble, Odyssee, and other Google free video sources that expand on avoiding facial recognition at public events. A broad hat, sun glasses and a scarf or Buff over the face and beard may be a good idea. It’s hard because at these events we all want enjoy happy smiling faces and real eye contact.

  3. Nah – don’t hide.  Be proud of what you are doing.  Challenge a fine – if it goes to appeal it will be dismissed – its been proven already.  Maybe what we need to do is overload the police system with stupid fines and charges and then clog the system.