Do Australians know about the 16% increase in deaths?

Introducing ‘Hitting The Streets Media’ by Monica Smit

Many of us live in an echo chamber we’ve built around us. The only way to really find out what people know and think s to ASK THEM. 

The mainstream media are out of touch with the average Australian’s way of thinking and hardly do unscripted journalism anymore. 

I want to know what real people think about real issues. 

I’ll be hitting the streets with different topics every 2 weeks, follow my channels for more content like this.

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  1. Monica probably got a good cross section of people there.The answers seem fairly right; 1 in 10 wide awake, 3 or 4 in 10 realizing something is wrong but don’t know quite what but are ready to start looking.
    And then there is the 5 or so in 10 fast asleep and looking like they won’t wake .

    Riccardo Bosi hit the nail on the head in a recent interview when he said it would be no use him going on Main Stream Media and explaining the truth to people……….. People will only accept it from the same talking heads on MSM who have been lying to the masses for 3 years.

    Incidently the graph runs parallel to the myocarditis graph….. barely above zero for years then exploding vertically up on the intro of the vax for younger people.

    The covid vax is definitly the leading cause of coincidences.