INTERVIEW with Parents with Questions -Do you have questions re. vaccinating your children?

This new Organisation, Parents with Questions, is not here to judge anyone or force information down anyone’s throats. They are here simply to provide answers to curious parents.


You have every right to ask questions.

You have every right to be concerned

You have every right to have your questions and concerns answered!

Your children are the most important people in your life, you owe it to them to do enough research. This is their future we’re gambling with.

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    1. Would like to think it won’t go so far, but some schools take it upon themselves to ‘reinforce’ the narrative. Join the many thousands of parents threatening to pull their kids out next year. Hey, a few more months of missed school can’t be worse than the last eighteen months of missed schooling.

  1. That it has been mandated that adults are to be the guinea pigs for this shadowy medical experiment which has [since it’s beginning] been the DIRECT cause of so much suffering/maiming/deaths of ADULTS around the world – and this – without giving the protection it was touted to have been ‘going’ to give is a classic example of crimes being committed against humanity.
    But their mandating that our CHILDREN are now to become the guinea pigs in this vile experiment of ‘witches brews’ is revealing an aspect of the mind and the intent of our ‘authorities’ which is more of a dark and foreboding side than of the bright and hopeful side they’ve been trying to project, in order to coerce us into being the guinea pigs ps. I’ve heard that our MP’s have NOT been mandated to be ‘jabbed’.

  2. Big thumbs up to RDA for this article.

    The biggest problem with groups trying to fight against government/corporate power, (eg environmental issues, wars etc), is that the groups tend to splinter and, worst case, can actually work against each other. I’ve seen it happen first hand. It is in fact not unknown for corporate bodies to clandestinely create and fund their own “groups” to facilitate this fracturing.

    It fills me with hope to see RDA embracing and actually promoting groups with similar philosophies. The more we can work together the more chance we have of returning the world to be a decent place to live in for all of us.

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