Family Doctor has been raided by “authorised officers” because he refused to hand over patient medical records

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  1. WHAAAAT ????
    Did these ageing thugs take any of this Doctor’s Patients’ Records, or what were the files they took ?
    Since this obviously has the paws of Andrews on it, he obviously moved quicker and more lethally than Hitler did, when he created the “Enabling Act ” in 1933, which gave him all the power he used in the ensuing 12 years of his reign of terror.

    Incidentally, Andrews serves a master (beside the CCP) whose past is very dark. Klaus Schwab. He was born in 1937, his father was close to the Nazi Regime, Hitler even praised his Arms Firm in Ravensburg (south of Germany) that employed forced labor, as an exemplary National Socialist Company. (give me the child to the age of 7)….
    Later Klaus Schwab lobbied for the Apartheid Regime of South Africa to get components for nuclear arsenal.
    He is the Eminence Grise, not so much behind, but in Front of the Great Reset.

    I am at this moment trembling with rage, although I do not know yet all the circumstances.

    Thank you for sharing this,

    1. I’m thinking though the doctor should have asked them for a warrant. If no warrant, tell them to piss off and refuse anything they demand. It was very disturbing. We really need some vigilante groups with baseball bats to badly bruise these people so the message get out. Then follow up to trace the person who gave the order in the first place and subject him or her to the baseball bat treatment. Violence does work to persuade those that make the angels weep. There is a passage in Shakespeare that covers these Marxists.

  2. Goggled:

    Authorised officers are employed by state and territory regulatory authorities. The roles and responsibilities of an authorised officer are:

    * Monitoring education and care services and enforcing compliance

    *Assessing applications for approval

    *Conducting assessment and rating visits
    * Investigating incidents and complaints
    * Providing advice and guidance.

    Nothing about privacy breach of hundreds patients.

    Consider notifying affected individuals, fight together!

    How can we help?

  3. authorized officer what the fuck is that, you mean like a bikini clad meter maid or perhaps a nobody from the local shire septic service? we have to start throwing punches at these arseholes.