Imagine…our doctors have to hide their faces to tell us the truth about adverse COVID-19 vaccine reactions…

4 Health care professionals are featured and 1 patient who experienced adverse reactions.

You can also view the video directly on rumble HERE

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  1. yes my friend’s son 29 didn’t wake up. poor thing found her son not up for work.  she won’t say a word if he was vaxed. she was i know that much. another friend was found by her son on the bathroom floor epileptic fit.  these people will still continue the jabs because they are 7 9 10 sbs abc viewers & carl knows best. 

  2. Everywhere you turn the many Governments’ Vaccination Policies are corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest
    and we all have the same problem with mainstream media empires everywhere up to their back teeth in it and no truth gets reported to the people – thank God for all the wonderful alternate news websites who are blowing smoke up mainstream media tyrants.
    The evidence now is so H U G E that it cannot be ignored and ALL Governmental and Medical and other tyrants will be brought to heel and to justice.
    We will all do this together to get our lives back – to put an end to these dictators destroying our civil rights, our medical rights and our human rights and to pay tribute to all those who have been vaccine injured or killed and to all of us who are traumatised about it and the ones who have suffered job loss distress/trauma/financial trauma etc., and the thought of these bloody tyrant politicians and their medical tyrant mates/mainstream media empires/Pharmaceutical Companies Partners/Members being able to forcibly inject us with anything let alone a known dangerous and damaging experimental nano material etc. ‘injection’ and destroying our Democracies AND IT HAS TO BE STOPPED BY THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

    Another example >
    Surprise, Surprise – UK GOVERNMENT MP’s and Scientific Advisors are heavily invested in Vaccine Industry


  3. Disgraceful. I know there some decent doctors but at the moment I don’t want go anywhere near a doctor. I know they have been gagged but I’ve lost trust and faith

  4. I went to my local GP this week to discuss the option of getting an exemption here in Qld before Palachook’s Nazi rules come into effect on December 17, but as I suspected I couldn’t get one. My GP did say that he would be banned from practicing for at least 6 months if he gives out exemptions to anyone who is “able to get the vax” but doesn’t wish to have it. So in other words I don’t have a choice – get the jab or I lose my freedom.

  5. What a disgrace that doctors and other health workers were ever put in this
    situation. My daughter was knocked back for an exemption even though she
    has severe C.O.P.D. What will happen when a real emergency comes our way?
    There won’t be enough paramedics, ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses, right
    down to cleaning staff etc. to help us.

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