BREAKING NEWS – police drop incitement charges!

Everything I want to say about this is in the video below 🙂

My name is Monica Smit. I live in Victoria, Australia.

In September 2021, I was arrested for encouraging people to exercise their human right to protest. I was given draconian bail conditions, which I refused to sign, and spent 22 days in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison.

I appealed the bail conditions and won. I was released to continue my work.

Then the police got a warrant to force me to provide them with all my passwords to all my phone apps. The punishment for not complying is 5 years in prison. I refused to comply.

Today…the police have DROPPED THE CHARGES.

This is what they said

“The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided to discontinue the incitement charges on the basis that there is no longer a public interest in pursuing these matters, given the time Ms Smit has already spent in custody. For the same reason, the s 465AA order (password warrant) will not be enforced.

It pays off to stand up for your convictions.

This is not a win for ME, it’s a win for ALL OF US!

Thank you for all your support! I could not have done it without you.

Now I have a new set of wings, and we’re going global to fight back against globalist organisations like WHO and WEF.

Join the movement, it’s going to be massive!

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  1. Thank God for people like Monica, proud to be associated with the movement you started.
    It is a great victory indeed.
    However, I cannot help but worry that it may be associated with political pressure to exonerate BLM organisers from deserved but smaller fines/risks. Nothing is as it seems any longer.

  2. The DPP discontinuing the incitement charges means that it is afraid it will lose the case. It would have been much better if Monica had been acquitted by a court. She should be compensated for wrongful and malicious imprisonment.

  3. Fantastic news! Well done.

    I too was told to plead guilty to crimes I didn’t commit, and fought instead.

    Beware of entrapment attempts.

    Victoria Police don’t play fair, and they have a very long memory in addition to having neither duty of care, nor accountability to anyone but their buddies in reality.

    If Victoria Police try to make something look appealing, it is in their interest, no one else’s. If they try to make something look scary, chances are they are bluffing.

    1. Much respect for the honorable stance you took your self and I agree with everything else you say ; it’s fantastic news about Monica but it wasn’t done for the right reasons.

      One common trick is to take people back to court again and again until they are broke. I don’t think they allowed for the amount of support Monica had, both financial and in spirit.

      Everything else you mention, and then some can be seen in the case of Nick Patterson and he caught all of it on film. Nick had done an extensive study of the law and his rights and stood his ground numerous times with large numbers of police surrounding him trying every trick they could.

      The footage can be seen on his ” Australian Peacemakers” site ,on the donations page.
      I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that his own 10 day trial is immediatly before the Victorian election.