Michael Slater axed from Channel 7’s cricket coverage after ScoMo tweets

Dystopian times in Australia when you get fired for a tweet challenging the government. 

According to The Daily Telegraph, Slater’s infamous public challenging of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier this year at least partly contributed to his Channel 7 exit.

Back in May, Slater unloaded on the Prime Minister following the Australian government’s decision to block citizens from returning home from India.

Slater tweeted at the time: “If our Government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It’s a disgrace!

“Blood on your hand’s PM. How dare you treat us like this. How about you sort out the quarantine system.

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  1. mmmm….Once all our Aussie sports (sport media/players). and then all our Aussie musicians (media/musicians)……relise/or (choosing)??!….to remain silent…YOU WILL UNDERSTAND AS YOU ARE NOW UNDERSTANDING NOW!!……you can still have a voice..A BIG VOICE!!…..Unless you get your shi*#T together and stop worrying about your material Shi*#T…and start acting like an AUSTRALIAN WHO GIVE A damn about where your AUSTRALIA CHILDREN ARE HEADING……UNLESS, UNLESS YOU STAND UP!!!!!!!!!….you too will own NOTHING!!!!…and be happy.
    WAKE UP!!!!!….

  2. Well done Michael, the truth always hurts when you’re on the wrong side of it. The truth is a rare commodity in today’s main stream media, has been for a very long time… RealRukshan, Rebel News’ Avi Yemeni and Anthony Lev are the truth tellers in news … not forgetting the Aussie Cossak… Legends!!