Elderly ‘locked up and left to die’ in Victorian Residential homes

Author – Mandi Axmann

This morning I rang the residential home where my mother, who has been diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, is staying.
‘Could my mother maybe come down just for a couple of minutes to reception so that I can give her a care package?’ I enquired. ‘No visitors allowed, sorry that is not possible. You can only drop the package off at reception,’ was the cold-hearted reply.
‘It’s been three weeks since there were no visitors. This is not fair, seeing that today there was only one infection reported which was linked to an existing cluster? I pleaded.
‘Sorry, the rules are the rules.’
There is a saying that one can err on the side of caution. To say that, however, does not take away from the fact that what has been done has been in error. We all must make allowances, saying ‘I will sacrifice this time or that pleasure for the greater good.’ But what if now is the only time we’ll ever have?
My mother does not have the luxury of time anymore. Her brain and her body are in the dying process, she is going to be taken soon. This will happen with or without a ‘deadly virus’, that even in her current condition the chances of survival is 99.98%. The recent Melbourne outbreak resulted in only one hospital admission and no deaths, even though five of those cases were in an elderly residential home. Where is the justification of a ‘no visitors policy’ for three weeks? Prisoners with life sentences get better treatment than that.
This is also not the first time, and unfortunately this is what happens when bureaucrats are left in charge of people’s health and wellbeing. During previous lockdowns, the elderly was the first to be isolated and the last to be able to leave their confinements. During the worst times they were literally locked up in their rooms and not even allowed in the dining areas.
They had to endure this in a weakened conditions and without the support from family and friends, and as in the case of my mother not understanding how or why. This had a devastating effect on the physical health and mental wellbeing of residents around the globe. In the UK there has been incidents reported of elderly that requested euthanasia because their life became too bleak and miserable to bear. These are the people that have fought for our freedom, not so long ago, and in their final hours are isolated, neglected and given no voice.
Where is the outrage??!! Are we just dandy with standing by while the elderly is being locked up and left to die? This pandemic has already taken our money, our homes, and our jobs. If we also lose our compassion and our care for each other, then we have lost the very essence of that which makes us human.
Are we just going to give up without a fight, or are we go to say that we will not go quietly into this night?

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  1. Why are all age care facilities enforcing these strict rules? Why are these facilities not given the freedom to enact rules for themselves in accordance with the wishes of their inhabitants. In the business directory for the free people there should be age care facilities for the free people.
    What is illegitimate about an elderly person willing to risk covid for a normal contact with their loved-ones. That can and must be facilitated.
    Think about it you covid-religious fanatics: You want to create an environment where people rather choose euthanasia because of your view on what is good to protect those people?

  2. I will help you see your family. They can’t arrest or stop us all. You should contact as many people as you can who’s parent are in the same situation and we will visit in a large group of 50 or 100 and simply not allow them to stop us. You should be ready to take your patent home with you because once we leave it may be the last time you see them. They won’t let you back in the next day. This is a positive action people can take all around the world. We need to do everything that has been forbidden to us everyday in a large group. It’s our numbers that make us vulnerable. The police think they can come get us at our homes like they attempted with protest organisers and independent journalists. We need to put our time in for each other. I will come with you to liberate your mother from a fate she doesn’t deserve. I will take time from my life to do this anytime you need my help. This is how we will prevail.