Election de-brief…what’s next?

We’re all recovering from the weekend’s devastating news…but it’s not over! We will keep evolving, learning, and growing together.

We refuse to live in the society they’re trying to build for us, so we have no choice but to pick ourselves up and keep trying…keep fighting!

I made a de-brief video.

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  1. The voting process – for the House of Representatives certainly looks like it’s rigged. This is because of the “two party prefered” system that they use. This means that the two candidates with the most votes, have all the other votes split up between them, based on where each of these two candidates is ranked, (comparitively) on all the other candidates ballot papers. So, you can put them both last and second last, and the second last one will get your vote regardless, it doesn’t go to your 2nd preference. This seems to me why it is mandatory to fill out ALL the boxes on the small green House of Representative form. It’s so the two leading candidates can steal your vote…. At least that’s what I think. And, then there’s the media, not giving minor parties or independents a voice. Or, even worse, badmouthing them.

  2. Well done – an excellent video: decent, genuine, optimistic, well-mannered, civilised, kindly and from heart. The very antithesis of the evil that is represented by the establishment politicians.

    I am from the UK. I have watched with amazement the goings on in Australia since all this nonsense began in 2020. I was astonished at the extent to which the authorities were able to place the Aus population under house arrest and then get away with it.

    That pipsqueak, Daniel Andrews, is not fit to serve at the dining-room table of any one of your organisation’s supporters.

    Never give up – never.

    With best wishes to you all.

    Andrew Moffat – UK

  3. L E G A L
    My comment > There should be thousands of Lawyers and Barristers crawling all over this to take down the Political and Medical et al Tyrants.
    The Australian Constitution explicitly prohibits any form of legal compulsion upon the medical profession to carry out any form of medication, including vaccination.
    In fact, no Government, either federal or state, can impose compulsory vaccination in this country, or prevent medical practitioners from remaining entirely free to choose whether or not to provide certain medical services, including vaccination.
    Dr Augusto Zimmermann is Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, and Professor of Law (Adjunct) at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney campus.
    Dr Zimmermann was chairman and professor of constitutional law at Murdoch University from 2007 to 2017.
    He is also a former Law Reform Commissioner in WA (2012-2017) and President of the Western Australian
    Legal Theory Association (WALTA).
    As can be seen, section 51 (xxiiiA) maintains the prohibition of vaccination through any form of government-run health service, indicating that vaccination should only be through voluntary means in accordance with the free communications between medical doctor and patient, which is essential to achieve a high-quality healthcare.
    To conclude: The Australian Constitution explicitly prohibits any form of legal compulsion upon the medical profession to carry out any form of medication, including vaccination.
    In fact, no government, either federal or state, can impose compulsory vaccination in this country, or prevent medical practitioners from remaining entirely free to choose whether or not to provide certain medical services, including vaccination. Continued >

    Professor Zimmerman slams the Federal Government and States’ Covid Regime.
    Victoria Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has been given some terribly wrong advice about politicians and the public service being exempt from the Covid jab mandates.
    There is no provision in the Commonwealth Constitution expressly exempting a politician from anything. There is Sect 51, (xxiiiA) that prevents compulsory vaccination of all citizens but there are no exclusions for politicians.
    Professor Augusto Zimmerman likens the Covid performance of all governments to that of “totalitarian North Korea and Cuba.”
    Constitutional authority Professor Augusto Zimmerman resigned from the Liberal Party on January 5 over the coronavirus regimes adopted by the federal government. Here is his letter of resignation: The following is
    my letter of resignation from the Liberal Party. It has just been presented to the Membership Coordinator of the Liberal Party of Western Australia. I cannot in good conscience remain a member of this political party.
    The reasons are provided in the letter below.
    Continued >https://cairnsnews.org/2022/01/12/professorzimmerman-slams-the-federal-government-and-states-covid-regime-resigns-from-liberal-party/

    Australia’s vaccine mandates: a violation of international law?
    Gabriël A Moens AM and Augusto Zimmermann
    As can be seen, it is rather uncontroversial that Australia’s political establishment has violated an important legal-international understanding of the rule of law.
    Indeed, international human rights legislation explicitly prohibits the removal of non-derogable rights even in situations of an alleged “emergency”.
    This prohibition encompasses any form of compulsion subjecting individuals to mandatory medical or pharmaceutical service, including vaccination.
    In summary, any Australian law that requires vaccine mandates either directly or indirectly, is not only constitutionally invalid, but it also constitutes a violation of Australia’s obligations under public international

    Also see Pages 25-26 of Information Paper  > https://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/election-2022/  

    Also see >
    Concerned Lawyers Network
    We are lawyers interested in human rights.
    We are not a law firm. We are a network of volunteer lawyers and admin assistants 100% volunteering our time without any funding or payment.
    Our main role is providing education resources for lawyers and public.
    The CLN Notice of Liability and other letters sent that are published on this website, can be used in evidence against those that received them and ignored them. We welcome law firms in Australia to use and refer to those documents in any evidence or pleadings they bring about for their clients.


    Where does the impaired vision end and mythology begin? What is the true reality of vaccine science? Smallpox vaccination was banned on threat of imprisonment due to the large outbreaks of smallpox the vaccine appeared to be causing – why was it reinstated despite continued serious outbreaks associated with vaccination; and the findings that sanitation and avoidance of vaccination could save the day? (Leicester, relying on hygiene and sanitation without vaccination, in 1892-3 outbreak had only 19.3 cases per 100,000 compared to 99.2% vaccine-uptake Warrington with 123.3 cases per 100,000 and death rate 8 times Leicester’s); diphtheria vaccine in UK was similarly blamed for sparking outbreaks. After 15 years of intensive vaccination by the US command of the Phillipines from 1903 where smallpox had been virtually unknown, epidemics struck in 1905 through to 1923; in 1918 47,000 cases occurred with 16,000 deaths(Phillipines Health Service, 1918).
    An enduring mythology persists due to incessant propaganda developed by biased researchers, vaccine producers, and government health bodies despite overwhelming evidence that vaccine science is flawed &
    dangerous; this fact is appreciated by many parents and objective observers, but the vast majority of medical practitioners apparently fail to recognise, or accept, the obvious as they’re bombarded with that propaganda and edicts about what to think and do.

    MONKEYPOX BIO ATTACK on May 15, 2021 – Documents from 2021 – International Security Exercise
    In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a global security organization “focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperilling humanity,” joined by members of the Munich Security Conference, conducted an exercise which involved a lethal, global monkeypox pandemic.
    >>>>> World Economic Forum shill, Yuval Noah Hariri: says >>>>> “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance.
    We need to not just monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin”

    MONKEY POX VACCINE – Bavarian Nordic received FDA approval for its vaccine in September of 2019, just two months before the commencement of COVID Mania
    The U.S. government decided to order millions of doses of monkeypox vaccine. According to the Telegraph, the World Health Organization has convened an emergency meeting.
    Additionally, on Thursday, Bavarian Nordic announced that they were going to supply “an undisclosed European country” with Monkeypox vaccinations.
    The U.S. likely has first dibs on the product because the vaccine was developed with American support. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID has supported Bavarian Nordic with well over $100 million in grants. Whether Fauci and his colleagues will receive kickbacks and royalties for this vaccine remains unknown.
    Bavarian Nordic received FDA approval for its vaccine in September of 2019, just two months before the commencement of COVID Mania.

    Monkeypox is the next scariant unleashed to demand vaccine compliance

    The 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ started in American military Camp Funston, Fort Riley, USA amongst troops making ready for W.W.I – taking on board vaccinations, recruit training and all.
    It eventually killed about 40,000,000 people worldwide. That flu strain only appeared briefly once again, according to the US Atlanta CDC. This was in 1976 and again it struck at the US army camp Fort Dix, USA, amongst recently vaccinated troops (and no one else EVER); Fort Dix is known to have been a vaccine trial centre. Was the world’s greatest ‘influenza’ scourge another well-hidden vaccine disaster?

  5. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how up to 12% of ex-Liberal voters in some electorates jumped ship to the Greens. In what world do we live in when that happens?

    1. Exactly Firetail Finch – Unbelievable !

      Malcolm Roberts One Nation

      How Stupid is Australia !? While many nations are re-opening from ‘lockdown’ and building new coal-fired power stations, Australia, with one of the world’s richest mineral supplies, remains shackled AND shutting down ALL coal plants to ‘save the planet.’
      Who is to blame?  Corrupt politicians or the stupid people who vote for them
      Comment >
      Stop Global Deforestation and keep planting countless amounts of trees globally continually.

      See Pages 25-26 of Information Paper > https://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/election-2022/

      Regarding the Australian “Election” and the word is used loosely >
      Let us hope there is a legal challenge to this ‘Election’ which many claim is totally rigged/fraudulent/fixed/misinformation/thwarted. Any Australians who did vote for these Tyrannical Governments LNP, ALP, (also Greens) – you have condemned us all to permanent Government Tyranny/Totalitarianism under total control of WEF, WHO, UN, Globalists. You have destroyed our lives, Democracy and our country.

  6. In my electorate, (Corio), Labour had a swing of 4.6% against them and the Liberals had swing of 9.1% against them. That is a massive result for the movement against the major parties.

    Well done to all those involved in the campaigns.