Why Is This Election So Important?

The upcoming Federal election is the most important in Australia’s history, for it will decide whether Australia gets swallowed up and fades away into a ‘One World’ government, or remains an autonomous and sovereign country, that cares for its’ people and their future generations.

The infrastructure for the usurping of the Australian constitution has been put in place over many decades, largely unbeknownst to the Australian populace, with their “She’ll Be Right” attitude which no longer suffices in a climate where freedoms and sovereignty are being eroded at an alarming rate.  The current situation is not a fault of any particular generation. The plan to sell Australia out to foreign interests has been undertaken subtly, while the ordinary citizen has been kept busy with life and entertainment in a modern version of the ‘bread and circus’. Under such compelling distraction in the “Lucky Country”, any generation at any time would have reacted the same.

The events over the last two years have shown how in the name of a virus, totalitarianism has cast its’ ugly shadow over Australia (Moens, G, 2021).

There has been no meaningful opposition to the draconian and totalitarian leaning policies, both on a Federal and State level. The major parties are all in bed together, with the help of the Greens and have shown, they do not care for the interest of the people.

The thing that is clear is that our governments, both on a federal and state level have been infiltrated by foreign powers, (Mahlburg,k, 2022) in the form of money flowing in to politicians’ pockets, or into party coffers to go along with certain policies, given by big lobby groups, combined with a few graduates from the Klaus Schwab “Young Global Leader’s” initiative. One thing is sure, the enemies of Australia have shown their true colours, with every vote on a sensitive bill.  We know who they are and need to vote accordingly with that newfound knowledge.

The corrupt politicians are bare in their nakedness and never before has it been so easy to spot corruption and inequity and make your vote count, by voting for people of integrity to represent you in Parliament and give you a voice.

 Still there are some people of the view, that voting is merely agreeing to be ruled by a corrupt system. Whilst the system is not perfect and has often been described as a revolving door dictatorship, thanks to the Liberal and Labour duopoly, change can only come from within and, electing people of integrity that care for their constituents more than lining their own pockets.  By not voting you will be keeping the revolving door moving, rather than trying to get a foot in the door, have a voice and try and change the system from within.

The importance of the upcoming federal election has not been lost on the general public, with a surge in electoral role registrations in the weeks leading up to the deadline date for registrations ( Tamer,R, 2022). The seriousness of the issues that Australia faces as a country has percolated down to those that never cared to vote in previous elections but see the importance of making their vote count this time. 

The future of Australia hangs in the balance, making this the most important election in Australia’s history.  Many voters are waking up to the horrible stench of corruption in the corridors of our parliaments, both State and Federal. Yet many are asleep, steeped in voting traditions that are multi-generational.  The times have changed, we need to consider the future of our country and with the gravity of the situation before us, consider how to make our vote count in helping to ensure our sovereignty and freedom.

We cannot be okay with handing over power to the corrupt parties that have over many years sold Australian sovereignty out to foreign entities such as the UN and the WHO.  The time to stand up and be counted is now, not only by voting, but wherever possible, offering our time to raise awareness and help candidates we have an affiliation with get elected.

Whilst the battle for Australia’s freedom has its focus on the most important election of our time, this still remains just one of many battles that we need to fight leading into 2030 and the Agenda that has been laid out before us. The political scamming of the Australian people has been exposed and change is in the air. Australia’s freedom hangs precariously in the balance, making this election very important, yet there are many more battles we need to be willing to fight in, to ensure we maintain our freedoms.


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  1. Many, many thanks to RDA for keeping us inspired and encouraging us every step of the way to this point.  Bring on the 21st….VOTE THE MAJORS OUT.

    1. RDA is the best. I think we will be pleasantly surprised on election day. You have many thousands of vocal RDA ers and on top of that you have a silent majority that deep down know something is wrong politically. Whilst it will not be a landslide, the majors need to be prepared to negotiate with minor parties aligned with freedom and less government intervention.