Elephant in the room! People dying everyday!

We can’t keep going on like this!

How can they keep ignoring the excess deaths???

They can’t! We can’t let them! This has gone too far!

It’s time for them to admit the truth…!

We need a pivotal moment where something shifts, and they see the truth. I don’t know how to make that happen, but we’ll keep trying I can guarantee that much.

After seeing a few commenters after posting this video, I wrote this…

Some unjabbed people say stuff like…”I can never forgive them for how they treated me. I don’t care if they get sick…that’s karma”

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. 

They were played, dubbed, and manipulated. At the time, they didn’t know better. Some of them genuinely thought we were the enemy and it was all our fault. 

They took the ‘cure’ because they thought they were doing their bit for humanity, that it would save them. They did it with pure intentions. 

Now that the truth is coming out and is impossible to ignore…how do you think they feel? 

They must be so scared, angry, and worried. 

Imagine if they gave the ‘cure’ to their children…imagine the guilt they must feel! Have they condemned their own child to a lifelong disease or worse? 

Imagine if they took the ‘cure’ to keep their job, and now they can’t even work BECAUSE they took the ‘cure’. 

Imagine being in their head…”why didn’t I watch that rumble link my friend sent me? Why didn’t I hear them out for just five minutes? Why didn’t I consider for one minute why the other side was being censored? How was I so gullible to think the beneficiaries of the ‘cure’ had my best interests in mind? 

Yes, people like me were vilified, censored, and even put in prison. But we have our HEALTH, we have our CONVICTION, and we are STRONGER because of our journey. 

If we can’t forgive and embrace those who hurt us, what does that say about us? How will we ever push back against the globalists if we can’t show an example of how to forgive and unite. 

I don’t blame anyone who can’t forgive…I get it, and I wouldn’t think any less of you. However, consider these words, and maybe over time, we can all forgive, accept and unite against our common enemy…the GLOBALISTS!

Monica Smit

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  1. Monica, you are a breath of fresh air, thank you for being here and becoming an inspiration for so many.
    You expressed beautifully my own muddled thoughts and feelings, let’s all follow through.
    Personally, I never felt a grudge against vax and lockdown supporters amongst my group of friends, but others did. They are now bitterly divided and beautiful friendships fell apart, Christmas lists were purged and people went against people. I am still on talking terms with all, that’s how I know.
    Now the reason I can’t talk to any about the vaccines is that I feel sorry for the ones who took it and even imposed it on their children. I hope they’ll be OK – all I could ever say was that it’s been the luck of the draw: I am convinced not all vax batches were the same, so hopefully they got the less dangerous dose??

  2. It is highly puzzling for me to see Monica being shocked and surprised to discover the horrible and yet widely predicted affects of the poison jab?!
    I would have thought that all of us here would and should have been up to date with “Reality”.
    The truth is out there for all to see and hear if you care to listen and look!
    Let us just step back and recap some telling facts for a moment, shall we.
    PCR. A test not designed for and not fit for this purpose as per the inventor. Used ONLY because of the fact that the procedure can be used in a highly manipulative way (testing cycle) to achieve the “required” result by those in control of the Plandemic, still in use to this day!
    Enter the jab.
    A gene therapy procedure, not a vaccine by definition, supposedly invented in less than one year and initially with ZERO health impact information for short or long term duration. ( court in America forced Pfizer to release the report on testing, safety and efficacy)
    This report was scheduled for release AFTER THE PASSING OF 75 YEARS by Pfizer!!!!
    Declared safe and effective by all health and government authorities and pushed relentlessly by MSM. Mandated and coerced to force folk to accept the jab or loose their ability to make a living! Doctors silenced! etc.
    As we know now from Pfizer officials themselves and from the EU vaccine panel the jab was not ever tested for transmission, and that is just for starters and in Pfizer’s own report the listed “possible side effects” is a country mile long!
    We have seen and heard reliable morticians and embalmers describing the horrible findings they are discovering.
    And still officialdom is pushing the ideological WEF and WHO narrative endlessly to the bitter end. The video “Suddenly Dying”, out on rumble will give you some thoughts to ponder. Of course it is up to you as an individual to make your own assessment as to where all this is heading.