Employee changes mandatory vax clause in contract

We are aware that our resources have not always worked, and it’s a case-by-case scenario but in this case…IT WORKED!

Check out the legal resources they’re referring to here

It’s important to share and know about these stories to give us all a bit more hope 🙂

Here’s the email we received today

I want to thank the team in REIGNITE DEMOCRACY AUSTRALIA for the resources you have in this webpage. My employer sent me a new contract after the company was sold. In the new contract there was a mandatory jab clause.

After reading your legal resources, I was able to arrive at my manager’s office with solid questions and a good idea of how to handle the situation.

After maybe 30 minutes of meeting and asking the questions you listed, my employer handed me a new contract without the clause.

I can’t thank you enough for your service!!!!!

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  1. I would also like to know which state and what industry. Healthcare has zero tolerance toward any attempt to discuss the mandate requirements. Termination is the only option. I have heard that there may be a legal ‘grey area’ in relation to the 3rd dose however no one can shed any light on this at present????

  2. I work in the caravan t
    park industry for a private park and in my contract has nothing about mandates. So does that mean the owner can not force it on me and I then can continue to work ???

    1. Looks like you have an enlightened employer! If it’s not in the contract – then it’s something you do not even have to think about. Hmmm….seems the virus is so bloody smart it doesn’t infect those who visit the caravan parks!

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