Vaccine Passports & Medical Privacy – Don’t ask, don’t tell

Collecting COVID-19 vaccination certificates from customers or employees poses a serious legal and cyber security risk to businesses that expose them to lawsuits, hefty fines and even executive jail sentences if the data isn’t handled properly, experts warn.

The risk is so grave that businesses that have already stored images of government-issued vaccination certificates from employees or customers are advised to scour their email or human resource systems and delete the images, or at the very least remove a sensitive piece of information prominent on the certificate that exposes businesses to a “world of data security pain”, one expert says.

As part of state and federal requirements for emerging out of the pandemic lockdown, businesses are asked to check whether customers and employees are vaccinated before allowing them to enter their premises.

Businesses storing information about whether someone has been vaccinated are therefore storing health information, quite possibly for the first time, exposing them to the Privacy Act, which requires they take “reasonable steps” to secure that information, said Anna Johnston, a former NSW deputy privacy commissioner who runs her own data privacy consultancy, Salinger Privacy.

Worse than that, the federal government certificates contain a unique identifier, known as the Individual Health Identifier (IHI), that is covered by its own law, with much stricter data security requirements and with punishments that could include jail if that one piece of data is mishandled, Ms Johnston told The Australian Financial Review.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR BUSINESS & CUSTOMERS (Australia Wide) – Vaccine passports – don’t ask, don’t tell.

Legal Advice from RDA’s Inhouse Legal Team

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR EMPLOYERS (Australia Wide) – Vaccines & Medical Privacy

If you have provided your vaccination status already, please request that your employer prove how they are keeping your medical records private and that you want a written response as to the measures they have taken to protect your private medical records. There are severe penalties for those businesses that do not comply.

Based on the employer’s response, you can request the records be destroyed and if you are not satisfied with your employer’s response about how they are protecting your medical privacy, talk with other staff members and look at taking workplace action to force your employer to comply with Medical Privacy Laws.

If you are in the future asked about providing further medical records please read this document as you are not required by the Privacy Laws to provide that to anyone. This is your medical privacy and you have rights!

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  1. This goes hand in hand with what Mark Latham told us quite awhile ago….that we have the legal right under Commonwealth Law, which overrules Government Law, to not provide our personal medical status to anyone. And, he says, if any information is given, that it will be open to hackers.

  2. Hi Team, the link you provide in the above section called “EMPLOYERS & EMPLOYEES”, relates to the Privacy Act 1988 however this particular link does not seem to be ‘the latest version’ of this document from what I can see – your link above takes me here – – however this link states that it “Includes amendments up to: Act No. 13, 2013”, and at the top right it suggests “go to latest” – which then takes me here – – stating “Includes amendments up to: Act No. 13, 2021”, so I have a question… What amendments have been made to this Privacy Act 1988 from 2013 to 2021??? I think that information might be important considering it is 2021 and not 2013. Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated, cheers – Barnsy

  3. I was in the remains of the Soviet union ,not long after it’s collapse. One of the things i noticed was the propiska, the internal passport. You had to carry one everywhere and at one point you couldn’t buy food in Shops without one. One of the other things was the restriction on travel without your propiska. No way could anyone get on a bus or Drive to another city without a required stamp. Telephones were also highly regulated. to make a cal outside your district meant visiting a phone depot where you paid a fee and had to use a phone in a booth. With Morrison , I noticed many startling similarities between his barely reported statements on things like anti blasphemy laws, a cashless economy and when he said we were being attacked by virus that was going to kill us all ,he said we had to get used to living in a Surveillance society ,quickly changed by his spin doctors to ” get used to the new Normal” .I knew at that point a propiska was coming for us,after all, protoglobalist paul Keating tried often to get one put in place years ago.

    1. I’m no lawyer but what I’m thinking is that the docs above cover 2 things a) mandated jab without consent b) collection of private data. Both on their own are enough to give you the right to say no so if you ignore the Privacy Act (which covers b) then it’s enough to say I can’t be coerced into saying yes. Have you had a look at docs that you can give your employer – – check out Letter E. Can you let me know how you go with the letter (have a family member who is going to have to try this letter as well).

  4. Regarding businesses asking customers for vaccine information, the most important question has not been addressed. Yes I understand my rights in regards to not disclosing private medical information, I don’t have too. But what do you say if the business then turns around and says if you will not disclose the information you cannot enter?

    1. So, what happaned when the Prime Minister “accidently” released the private medical information of many people, just awhile ago?

    2. This happened to me on Friday. At the hairdressers. I wouldn’t tell them if I was jabbed or not, and they would not let me get my haircut. I can go to the supermarket, pharmacy, etc etc but can not get my haircut. Go figure!!

      1. Yes that is the main question here and the fact sheet didn’t address it. I had a friend that just answers yes if they ask if she’s vaxxed, but I don’t know if that can get you into trouble. I’m really frustrated because I am quite willing to fight and pushback, but I can’t get the answers I need to do that. If I refuse to answer if I am vaxed or not and they refuse to let me in, what is the action I can take then? That’s the main thing we need to know!!! What can you say and what legislation backs you up???

      2. Well, the person at the hairdresser, before I told her I wasn’t going to answer one way or the other, had asked me for proof of vaccination. There was also a sign saying they needed proof of being jabbed

  5. This is great Information but that’s about where it ends. This needs to be tested in court. Doesn’t help when business gets fined then you have to spend thousands in court to prove it.

  6. So taking the inoculation mandate and medical apartheid a couple of steps further.
    Given the control over the narrative by Big Pharma, Food and Tech who have Govts in their pocket, can this then spill over to all medications. Consider the arbitrary medical indicators used for Cholesterol, (I have my own opinion on this story), blood pressure and other “ailments” listed by the medical establishment. Does the story then go something like this……Doctor: “oops, your blood pressure and/or your Cholesterol is a little high you need to take a medication”. Patient: “But I don’t want to take medication, I will change my life style.” Doctor: “I’m sorry but the AMA rules mandate these drugs under these conditions or you can’t get medical insurance, or participate in other sectors of life”.
    The great advantage for BP etc, is the numbers for blood pressure, cholesterol etc, can be continually reduced until the whole population medicated.
    Same story as the inoculation.

  7. Gvt public service employees have no hope. Already threatened with misconduct if don’t declare vaccination status. Those workers, like many other Australians as is well known, are facing job loss if don’t want any of the vaccines being thrust upon them, let alone boosters which will most likely become mandatory. All so unnecessary. How job losses will roll out – unknown. Employees rights with shifting goal posts – unknown. Number of boosters – unknown. Full disclosure of danger of having these vaccines – unknown. Full disclosure of ingredients – unknown. Having to make decision on no income vs forced poison is so wrong on so many levels. Having to make this decision with limited information is insane.

  8. Why can’t we prove in Fed. Court that the covid vaccines don’t work. That would trump everything. If successful, people would realized they were duped and we don’t have to do anything else.
    I have read recent reports that case and death numbers follow vaccination numbers by a month or two.
    Also an interesting point, If you buy a heart monitor, it is now an allowable deduction?

  9. Fauci is ending PCR testing end of December after this – but they’re scrambling to find another fake way to test for covid. “The Virus Is Fictitious.” CDC Sued by 7 Universities’ Scientists for Huge Fraud
    There is no variant..not novel… no pandemic. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich CORONAVIRUS HOAX: Fake Virus Pandemic Fabricated to Cover-Up Global Outbreak of 5G Syndrome

  10. As I understand it, under Section 28 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth), it is illegal for anyone to either threaten or coerce anyone in any way which would interfere with them exercising their political rights or duties. It is likely that the right to conduct voluntary trade with someone who is open for business would be considered a political right. Anti-discrimination laws such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) might also come into play here. A business can decline to deal with a member of the public for a number of reasons, but not because of medical reasons, as the customer has no obligation to disclose any of their private medical records, under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
    When I am eventually confronted with this issue, I intend to treat it in the same way as I did the mask mandates etc, that is, point out that it is not a law, it is only a directive, and if they insist on trying to enforce illegal directives, they can get into very serious trouble. I will then announce that I am going to renter their premises, and if they physically restrain me, I will film that as an assault, and call the police and request that they be charged with breaching the Crimes Act 1914, by using threats, coercion or force to deny my political rights. In my experience so far, most businesses don’t want this sort of trouble, and will quietly let me in; I have never been barred once I start talking about specific laws, (Including where appropriate, the Biosecurity Act 2015.
    If the proprietor or manager says they have been threatened with massive fines for allowing unvaxxed people into their premises, I will say that this is an illegal order, there is no law backing it up, and even if there were a State law, it would be overridden by the Federal laws mentioned, as well as Section 51 xxiiiA of the Australian Constitution. I woill point out that no court can punish someone for refusing to obey an illegal order, but they certainly can and will punish someone who attempts to enforce such an order. I will suggest that it would be much easier for them to simply look the other way while I go about my business. If it is not the top person who is barring my way, I will suggest that they contact their superior before embarking on a process that will incur legal action, just in case their boss decides not to cover them for the enormous fines or jail terms that can result from these cases.
    Hopefully that is some help.

  11. Does all of this still stand during the State if Emergency?
    I don’t think so
    I am in WA and I am working for the Department of Education and they are asking us to fill a Census before the 29th if October in which we need to state if we want or not take the vxn
    There’s no : I still don’t know as an answer
    Even though we have time till the 31st of December to decide…