Escaping Aust-Jail-ia – The Once Again Penal Colony

Day after day leading up to my escape I doubted myself. I doubted the beliefs I had mostly. I also doubted my own people being the RDA family, the United Australia Party, my own partner who is a doctor and many, many more people. The doubting of beliefs and the “what if’s” caused me extreme anxiety and terror. You’ve all done it, I’m sure! What if I am wrong, what if they are wrong? What if covid kills me? What if this isn’t about control? What if the rest of the world does have people dropping dead like flies or suffering long covid like we’ve all been told? The “what if’s” were endless. But I proceeded to plan and implement my escape. If you would like to know how, comment and ask. 

I took videos prior to leaving Australia to show everyone in the USA what it’s like there. This is a side note. 

Leaving Australia was terrifying. My brain has been washed hard; and yet I was on the fighting side. I was fighting for our freedoms this entire time and trying my hardest to convince everyone the jab wasn’t safe. 

I equipped myself and my daughter with four N95 masks, 50 surgical masks, a packet of Detol wipes, Isicol spray, four small bottles of hand sanitiser, vitamin D, C and Zinc, my immune system and a mass of paperwork and left Albury for Sydney during the lockdown. I was (obviously) unvaccinated. 

On arrival to Sydney, I was forced to have a travel PCR test. This is the only requirement for entry into the USA. My results were back within an hour. I was negative from covid and free to leave the country. 

Outside Sydney International airport was like a ghost town. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It’s like nothing I thought I would see. There was myself, my daughter and a security officer. The silence and sight was deafening and blinding. Inside the airport were a few people leaving Australia (on our flight) that had also been granted an exemption to exit the Penal Colony, mostly U.S military. 

Boarding the aircraft instilled instant panic, we returned to the “what if’s”. We wiped all the seats & the air vents etc with our Detol wipes & we used more hand sanitiser. We had already used so much that the surrounds of our nails were dry, cracked & continually bleeding. We had been wearing our masks for 3 hours already & had another 17 hours to go. We had to even sleep with them on whilst on the aircraft. 

Arrival to Los Angeles airport was an instant freak out. Once through security, there were people everywhere. All of the people inside were wearing masks but none were social distancing, none were using hand sanitiser & people were hugging! Outside was even more alarming to my Aussie brain. The masks were off & people didn’t care to stand apart. The main thing that stood out though was that everyone was smiling and happy. 

We proceeded to Las Vegas via plane & shell shock really hit. Everyone was jammed into the plane. People were sitting with their heads 30cm away from us. It legitimately made us pour sweat. It was like another world. On exit of the aircraft, I was greeted by my fiancé & I was scared to hug him. There were also at least another thousand people at various boarding gates all seated next to each other. After this, I realised I was in a new category of mental health issue. It could only be described as “post lockdown and restriction syndrome”. Even myself who was so against all the rules & restrictions had been (again) brainwashed well and I didn’t even realise. 

The coming days we were automatically pulling our phones out before entering stores and restaurants to QR code check in.  The QR codes were not there. We were looking for hand sanitiser everywhere we went. There was none. We looked for dots and lines on the ground. The dots and lines were also absent. We stood our distance from people but the people just kept moving into our personal space. We were suddenly in a world that was polar opposite to what we had just been in. A world where up to a million people had allegedly died from covid. Clearly, this did not add up. Why weren’t they scared and where were the rules? 

We now walk, just two weeks later, in crowds of tens of thousands, many infected with covid and without our masks. Our hands are no longer bleeding, cracked and sore as we’ve stopped using sanitiser like everyone else around us. We now look up as we walk and smile at people, we aren’t looking at the ground for our spots and lines to stand on or looking a little higher for the QR codes on entry. We hug again. We have our moments when our brain goes into auto pilot and does these things but all in all we are out of the habit & out of our “post lockdown & restriction syndrome”. 

But “what if” we catch covid? This is always a question that pops into the mind. Thankfully we’ve spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people that have had covid including elderly with terrible health (to say the least). Most didn’t even know they had it and we are still yet to find ONE PERSON who knows someone who died FROM Covid, not with it. I showed people my videos of Australia, they were gobsmacked. They couldn’t believe it. Saying I couldn’t buy underwear as it wasn’t essential, that I had to check in everywhere I went and explaining all the rest of the “rules” or “orders” made me sound crazy. Like a complete lunatic. Thank goodness for my pre-departure videos! 

Our “what if’s” are turning to “what if we don’t catch Covid?”. We won’t have natural antibodies to this pesky virus and will likely be forced or coerced into vaccination to return to Australia. We will also be placed into quarantine, even if we are negative. 

To our fellow Australian citizens, the world is open, most people are not vaccinated, have had covid, aren’t scared & certainly won’t be experiencing “post lockdown and covid syndrome” any time soon like we are. Don’t let this narrative keep going in the once lucky county. You’re being had and the world is shocked when they are told what life is like in the Penal Colony. You deserve to live like other citizens of the world are. You have one life, don’t spend it scanning codes & looking for spots on the ground whilst you are fearful of the inevitable, LIVE IT! 

~ Danielle

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Danielle. Without people showing us the reality of what life is like in other countries, we would be none the wiser.
    How can I find out more information on how Danielle was allowed to leave Australia?

  2. I’m guessing you can stay in the USA due to your partner having staying rights? but how does an Australian get to stay (and work) in the USA for longer than a tourist stay?

  3. Good luck!! hope it works out. I am hoping that I can do the same. How can I find out how Danielle left Aus without the vaccine? I definitely won’t be getting vaccinated and I want to get out of Australia right now.

    1. The vaccine was NOT required to leave Australia just weeks ago. It’s not required to enter the USA. I’m not sure of the date change for Aus & the passports. There were no such restrictions before.

    2. From what I’ve heard, it depends on where you’re going and who you’re flying with. Emirates was one that was mentioned to not require vaccination to board. So maybe check information with the specific airline you want to travel with. They might also be able to advise on what testing or documentation is required to enter your destination.

  4. Thanks for shedding more light on what we all know to be true . We are being lied to and kept in the dark.
    When did you manage to do this as I also as others had mentioned am interested in leaving and want to know if it’s still possible to get to the US or Canada unvaccinated.
    Any assistance I would be enternally grateful for.

    1. I don’t know when the cut off date is, I’ve had so much to deal with. I was able to leave as vaccine was not a requirement a few weeks ago. My advice is if it’s weeks away – leave fast. It may already be in place but it wasn’t before. There were NO Aussie restrictions only a U.S one: a negative covid test within 3 days prior to departure

  5. Well done!!!! And thanks for all that info about the real world, it is reassuring to know that the WHOLE world hasn’t gone crazy, it’s just Australia, with it’s pathetic government and idiot advisers that have become demented with their self-appointed powers. Not for much longer though, hopefully!

  6. Hi All,
    My Aus partner and I live in France right now and have dual-UK/AUS nationality and can stay for now according to Brexit rules. We arrived just as the first lockdown was announced in France. We have the “health Pass” here but if you are in a rural area no-one cares. No staff wear masks and no-one asks if you have the health pass. People clearly think the government are overstepping the mark. Notably France in general is not policed in the heavyweight manner that Aus is. This is even before the COVID madness. Aus has highway patrol everywhere with super fast cars. France has the odd speed camera and little runabout cars and that is it. The French speed a bit but nothing stupid. There are no accidents, no hardcore idiots…..the point is, Aus is a policed state and has been for ages. I believe this is why Aus is the great experiment of the IIluminati: western world, a population that have never known revolutions, Nazi’s on their doorstep, full-on economic hardship etc, etc. If the Aussies take this laying down (and I don’t mean the RDA community clearly), then the tyranny will be set in stone and the lessons Bill Gates etc learns from any of our failed strategies to stop this, will be noted and adjustments made accordingly to their tyranny plans. As for us, we have applied for a five year visa and may well stay on forever now. We have witnessed the majority of Aus police take on truly alarming Stasi/Nazi roles. (I applaud the GOOD police who know better about what they are doing and revolt.) We have seen the wicked, coward politicians be assholes to their own people. We support RDA and others financially for the good of everyone around the world, but cannot be there in person to protest. But by God YOU NEED TO PROTEST HARD.. in every way you know. I believe legal challenges and disruption methods (e.g. truckies blocking highways etc are the best options). Peaceful protests …but full-on protests. Good luck Aussies!

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts Danielle. I sometimes am also wracked with doubt and ‘what if I’m wrong ?’ thoughts. But I’m determined to stay with what I believe, and it is so heartening to hear from other people like you. Thank you again. Ann

  8. Hi Danielle,
    Looking at making plans now prior to the 2022 Victorian Election, hopefully Dan doesn’t get back in but if he does I need to get out of Victoria. Please let me know any tips and tricks as I believe you need a Green Pass to live in America?