Dan Andrews: Facebook’s Sugar Daddy

It’s election week for Victoria, so we can expect some pretty strange stories to pop up out of the political swamp.

Admittedly, news that Daniel Andrews’ PR team dropped $115,893 on a Matthew Guy Facebook page is weird, even for social media-savvy Labor.

Knowing that their base skews toward the under 40s, someone in Victorian Labor thought it would be a good idea to set up a Facebook page for Opposition Leader Matthew Guy called ‘The Liberal Cuts Guy’ on October 31.

Labor then made a bizarre series of 19 memes and posted 1,146 times, using the hundred-odd thousand dollars to promote this authorised content.

This is an enormous amount of money to spend.

In total, the spend on Andrews’ online image is larger than corporate marketing giants like Harvey Norman and McDonald’s. Labor’s primary Facebook page, which is presumably their flagship social media presence in the lead-up to the state election, spent $237,055.

Victorian Labor recently deleted the Matthew Guy page with no explanation.

Original graph found here.

No matter how you look at it, Daniel Andrews is the sugar daddy of Facebook’s Australian presence. The two largest advertising spenders on Australian Facebook were Labor’s main page followed by their Matthew ‘cuts’ Guy page, totalling $393,849.

The Liberal Party in Victoria are a long way behind in their social media spend (and online visibility). Their Victorian Liberal page spent $72,000 while Guy’s election Facebook page only managed $46,335.

Sky News Australia reported, ‘Daniel Andrews government spent more on advertising in the first half of 2022 than all of Australia’s biggest companies.’ According to this list, only the combined spend of the federal government across all of its interests outspent Victorian Labor.

Twitter is not much better, where Andrews has an almost cult-like following of mostly anonymous trolls that hound conservative accounts and trend ridiculous hashtags like #IStandWithDan (which became kind of awkward after his accident with a very small set of stairs).

He’s no amateur, attracting more followers than Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Since 2015, Andrews has reportedly spent $1 million on Facebook. That makes Labor a valuable customer.


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  1. Was actually trying to get onto the ‘reparations’ site but kept coming up with this
    Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates attended the G20 so no surprise that their WEF,agenda 21/2030, great reset
    agenda was furthered that day. https://strangesounds.org/2022/11/why-are-bill-gates-and-klaus-schwab-at-the-g20.html
    Destroy economies (plandemic/ redistribution of wealth – our wealth, not the ‘elites’. Govts proposing
    digital IDs and cashless transactions – soon to be microchipping!

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