Fair Work

Instructions for FWC Application

Step 1:
Questions for your employer

The first action you need to take once you have received a direction from your employer to provide private medical information as a condition of your employment is to ask for clarification about the following:

  1. The application of the Privacy Act
  2. The application of the Workplace Health and Safety Act
  3. The terms of your employment contract

We have provided two documents with similar questions to address these three issues.  You can pick and choose which issues you raise but we suggest you raise all three.

Lastly, you will need to update the reference to the workplace health and safety act to suit  your State.


Step 2: Letter to your employer

This is simply a summary letter referring to your previous emails and again asking for these issues to be clarified.

We have drafted this letter on the basis that your employer will not have provided clarifications to these issues, or at least not satisfactorily.

Step 3: FWC Application

The draft application we have prepared is based off an actual application we have assisted with that was drafted after the questions from Step 1 and the letter from Step 2 were sent and not satisfactorily responded to.

This application is straightforward and will need to be adjusted to your specific circumstances.

Step 1

Questions you need to raise with your employer via email or letter

Step 2

FWC start letter version

Step 3

Fair Work
F10 application form