Covid Fearmongering Rears Its Ugly Head

Here we go again.

Despite most of the world moving on with COVID, Australians sit at the end of 2022 with even more headlines of the ‘scary virus’ making the cycle.

A “soup of variants” is now spreading around Queensland, it has been announced, and we must exert caution, say authorities:

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told state parliament there had been an ‘increase in active cases’ in the past week and a doubling in the number of ‘COVID-19 patients in hospitals’.

She said Chief Health Officer John Gerrard had advised the state’s ‘traffic light COVID-19 advisory system’ should switch from green to amber.

“It means that it is recommended that we should wear a mask in healthcare settings, on public transport and rideshares, indoors where you cannot socially distance and if you are around people who are vulnerable to COVID,” Palaszczuk said Thursday at a press conference.

Yes, they are whipping the same old dead horse again.

The ‘great-grandchildren of Omicron’ are here, folks!

A fourth generation of deceptions.

No doubt, we will see Queenslanders pack streets with their masks on. The medico-cultists who think repeating failed actions will somehow work this time around (definition of insanity).

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for COVID to ‘hunt me down’ as Palaszczuk promised all unvaccinated citizens at the end of 2021.

I’ll probably be waiting for that for as long as those who hope masks will one day work..

The Sunshine State is not alone in their new endeavours, either.


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