Federal Court Hearing On Standing

The following message from Julian Gillespie :

We return to the Federal Court today for a hearing on Standing

Having Standing means having the legal right to bring the proceedings 

The Secretary of Health contends the AVN does not have standing, so should not be allowed to bring these proceedings against him

…Brendan Murphy doesn’t want the AVN or the Court to tell him to do his job, and stop these vaccines which are clearly killing and injuring scores of Australians 

…Complicating the matter for the Secretary are our efforts over recent weeks to have a Second Applicant join the proceedings with us

This Second Applicant is an individual, who lost his employment due to refusing to receive an experimental substance into his body

…Additionally, this person is a Foster Carer who has been ordered to have his young boy vaccinated .. (he has cared for the boy since he was two days old, where he is now well advanced into primary school)

The hearing commences at 10.15am NSW time

…There were many issues with the live broadcast last time, which the Court assures us have been fixed .. indeed her Honour Justice Perry has confirmed that she will not sit on the bench until notified the live broadcast is fully functional 


Please share this note, and do please seek to watch the hearing even for a little while, so the Court and Australian governments can see your interest via the viewer count

…There will be a lunch break from approximately 1-2pm, after which the hearing will continue up to about 4pm

Remember, if you wish to see our Court papers and evidence, we are constantly adding to the list on avn.org.au .. more papers being added in the coming days

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