Shocking video of a US-based film crew with 1000s of extras and production being filmed in Melbourne CBD whilst 6 million Australians are in stage 4 lockdown.

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This is just one of MANY productions that have been filmed in Australia during the pandemic. 

According to Film Victoria “The biggest television series to film in Victoria in more than a decade, the project is expected to inject more than $60 million into the Victorian economy by going down under, creating jobs for 290 local cast and crew members, and work for around 295 local businesses” 

La Brea has been filming from April – late September 2021 

Source: Melbourne Media Detective (Facebook)

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  1. Wishing John the best possible outcome for court appearance on Tuesday. An inspirational Australian.
    Thank you for your courage and bravery.

  2. It is rather galling that this is allowed to happen whilst the rest of us are in lockdown. Fairly obvious that the film is being made to portray Scumbag Dan in a favourable light, let’s hope that they do come down with covid and filming is halted. I know it sounds petty but it needs to be proven that Andrews is a liar and a narcissistic bully and that his pathetic attempts at controlling us through fake health advice and a worldwide scam don’t go unnoticed.

  3. Total lie and the sooner our corrupt gruberment is removed from power the better. So hypocrictical when the residents of melbourne are locked up and or beated by the thug force.