A Medicine Fit For the Queen, But Not For Us!

This is unbelievable. This IVERMECTIN was BANNED for treatment against COVID in Australia. People had to go through so much to get their hands on this, doctors lost their jobs, patients lost their lives…and now it’s on MSM as if it’s a miracle drug just for the Queen.
We were called conspiracy theorists for talking about it…again…we were RIGHT!

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  1. Stromectol is the brand name Merk uses for ivermectin in Australia. My doctor prescribed me some for COVID prevention before the ban came into effect. We need to throw this into the face of the TGA.

  2. Very sadly our, well, my trust is gone in my local GPs. Never to be regained. They sold out for $$$$. So grateful for the real Dr’s who stood against all the B.S.

    1. Totally with you. When my doctor put his stupid useless filthy mask on I asked him why he was doing this as I respected him for his intelligence. He would not give me any answers to my many questions and just put his head down saying we should  agree to disagree on Covid. I told him nothing doing. Either be honest and refute what I was saying and discuss the situation or I had no respect for him. That must have been over a year now. My husband was told by this masked bandit recently that he was a DANGER to the practice for not being masked – he has his stat. dec. exemption – and for not being jabbed. A healthy man 76 only having to be in his fraudulent bigpHARMa practise after a hip operation to have bandages changed and they couldn’t even do that correctly. 

  3. AHPRA, TGA and worthless doctors are pissing themselves with laughter at the normal Australian. They are all on Pharmas pay roll. Time to out the psychopaths that continue to inject 5 year olds and let their communities know their crimes. Piquet their practice and chemists.

  4. Is this the only evidence of this claim? If so that is terrible. It’s all just some snapshots pasted together. 
     Its important to stay thinking, not just believe because it fits Your narrative. 

  5. Fake video; the drug dr haikerwal is talking about is sotrovimab, which is pictured in the video. This is the new, patented expensive drug recently approved, it is not stromectol/ivermectin.
    Monica, I think you should remove the video asap as publishing it makes RDA look foolish.

  6. Bottom line in my thinking is that Ivermectin, among other treatments are hugely successful in treating the virus, including prior defences to avoid catching it, early treatment of it, and treatment for duration of the virus. The majority of the medical profession chose to forget ‘First do no harm’ and forced the vaccine only treatment in order to keep their licenses. Thankfully there are true doctors out there, hard to locate, but they are there, who have stuck by their Oath and will do the right thing.