Print out your own flyers and posters

We have compiled a collection of flyers and posters that you can download and have printed off at your local printer. Some flyers are Reignite Democracy Australia designs, and others have been submitted by generous members of the community. We plan to switch these flyers up regularly and welcome further submissions from community members to [email protected].

Before you source a printer, please check out the RDA Business Directory to show support to a local business that may be listed. The Business Directory showcases local and interstate businesses Australia-wide that support our freedoms, support human rights and refuse to enforce unlawful directions. 

Posters and placards you can print and bring to events

Together We Can - Stop Vaccine Passports - Download

Together We Can - Stop Medical Tyranny - Download

Together We Can - Stop Government Overreach - Download

Together We Can - Reignite Democracy - Download

Together We Can - Protect Our Children - Download

Together We Can - Protect Bodily Autonomy - Download

Together We Can - Open Australian Businesses - Download

Together We Can - End Segregation - Download

Together We Can - End Lockdowns - Download

Flyers you can print

Together We Can - A6 Flyer - Download

Stop the Bill Campaign - Download

Permanent Pandemic Legislation - Download

Stop the Bill Flyer - Download

You Can Say No - Download

Save our Kids - Download

Grassroots Movement - Download

Dear Neighbour - Download

Police for Freedom - Download

The Doctor Flyer - Download

Three Points of View - Download