Far North Queensland’s disturbing statements on hospital care

Shocking comments from a FNQ doctor and Port Douglas mayor denegrate human rights.

Firstly before you read the below abhorrent statements check the AMA’s official release on medical treatment WITHOUT discrimination.

The Australian Medical Association says doctors will continue to treat unvaccinated people who fall ill with COVID-19 after its Victorian branch suggested people who don’t believe the virus exists should opt out of public healthcare.

“This means we respect your decisions even when don’t agree with them. Most importantly it means if you need – and want – treatment, we will be here for you.

Australian Medical Association stance on treatment

Here are the disgusting comments from a doctor and mayor

“There will be pressure on hospitals to treat people who are unvaccinated and there is certainly in Cairns an awareness the hospital is under extraordinary pressure already.”

“Everyone up here has a cyclone plan, now we need unvaccinated people to have a conversation with their partner about do they want to stay home, are they happy not to go to hospital, because if they change their mind there may be not a lot we can do about it.”

“The expected Delta strain surge meant hard decisions would be made about health treatment if resources were limited.”

“We will have to decide if will we give the bed to the person who chose not to vaccinate or to the young person in a motor vehicle accident.“

Doctors don’t want to make those decisions.”

Dr Sarah Coll – Cairns Post…

Micheal Kerr Mayor of Douglas Shire states “You have the choice to not be in that position… get vaccinated…”

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  1. Hang on a minute..didnt they get vaxed to lessen the severity of the virus SHOULD they catch it. They dont seem to put much trust in the 12 month old vaccine to do what its promoted as doing? 🤣