Hear testimony from aboriginal grandmother on the irrational response on her grandson

All in the name of Public Health Orders that override common sense and natural justice.

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  1. Guys you need to look up Original Sovereign Tribal Federation. I’m a member and I’m white, you can join as a non tribal member. This gives you protection with the Aboriginal people THAT THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT please look into it, it may be our way out.

  2. This is an example of a truly corrupt system. Crooked cops at the front of it. If there is a lawyer here that has watched this video, could/would you look into this case and take it on?!

  3. The Government is targeting the tribal peoples of this land – because they know they have a higher claim and are the legit government – watch Riccado Bosi’s (from AustraliaOne Party) videos on Rumble & Bitchute, which expose what is happening in remote communities in relation to these experimental injections. It will outrage all Aussies!