Could Omicron be the variant from Heaven?

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Far from fearing Omicron, the latest variant of COVID-19, its arrival may turn out to be a blessing.

The current situation

Data from South Africa shows that the more-contagious Omicron variant has almost completely replaced the Delta strain as far as new infections are concerned.

Since South Africa informed the World Health Organisation of its discovery of Omicron on 24th November, the variant has produced the highest ever daily cases in the country.

Yet deaths, reported at 423 in the week beginning December 13th are almost ten times lower than the 3802 deaths seen in the week beginning 12th July at the height of the Delta wave (Daily Hospital Surveillance DATCOV report, 2021).

So, Omicron, which is set to become the dominant variant worldwide, appears to be much milder than all earlier variants.

And, while it’s too early to be sure, the figures from South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases suggest that the Omicron wave has either peaked or is very close to doing so.

So, unless there is a sting in Omicron’s tail, or a big delay in reporting of South African deaths, the omens for Omicron suggest it produces a much less deadly disease.

And this appears to tally with an early biological study which finds that Omicron attacks the upper airways, rather than tissue deep in the lungs (Hong Kong University, 2021)

We will learn more as Omicron races through the UK and other Northern European countries in their winters as that season presents a perfect playground for the respiratory virus.

But we must calmly keep in mind that the effects in Australia in Summer are likely to be more like those in South Africa than the UK.

Omicron spells ‘OMINOUS’ for the vaccine companies

One imagines that the relative mildness and high contagiousness of Omicron must be causing some sleepless nights for the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and other vaccine producers.

It could presage the end of their markets – or at least a big reduction in them.

It’s even possible it might bring the pandemic to an end!

Omicron is a threat to the vaccine companies on three fronts:

1) Omicron is likely to oust the more-deadly Delta worldwide, so the threat to vulnerable people from COVID-19 will be diminished.

2) Their vaccines do not seem to be doing too well against the variant (Basile et al, 2021 and Dejnirattisai et al, 2021)  – which is not surprising since the vaccines get the body’s cells to manufacture the spike protein of the original Wuhan virus and Omicron’s spike protein has mutated away from the original form substantially.

3) And, perhaps most important of all, Omicron is so contagious that almost all of us are likely to encounter it, and once we have had the infection, we should be boosted with natural immunity to COVID-19.

In fact, Omicron provides a God-given immunisation roll-out whereby unvaccinated people will gain natural immunity and those who have already been vaccinated will receive a free booster shot from the latest variant.

And, although our politicians and health officials have been trying to persuade us that only “vaccine-induced immunity” is of value, the evidence (and common sense) suggests that natural immunity is at least as good and probably better (Chemaitelly et al, 2021 and Kulldorf 2021)

But we must still protect the vulnerable

Despite the omens for Omicron looking good, vulnerable people in Australia (the elderly, the frail, the obese, people with type 2 diabetes) would be wise to isolate themselves while the variant passes through.

They will be in a much safer position to mingle when the rest of the population has developed immunity to Omicron, and that might be as soon as in a few weeks.

Especially if that immunity, unlike that from the vaccines, stops transmission of the virus to others.

On the other hand, locking down everybody – especially young healthy people – makes no sense at all, because most people can be expected to be at very low risk from Omicron and also the virus is too contagious to control using practical methods.

And that’s not taking the huge socioeconomic costs of lockdown into account which never seem to be factored into Government calculations.

Be ready to defend natural immunity

If Omicron indeed turns out to be the mild but very contagious variant that it currently appears to be we must make sure we capitalise on the benefits of this Heaven-sent free immunisation roll-out.

After it has rushed through like a bush fire (though hopefully with far less harm) we must look at the world differently.

We must make sure our health experts are forced to explain why they prefer us to keep taking booster shots of outdated vaccines when the nation has just been given the best update in COVID-19 immunity available courtesy of the variant.

We must challenge them to tell us what is in the secret national vaccine contracts, so that we can be sure that their pressure on us to vaccinate everyone aged five and above – is not due to some commercial incentive.

And we must demand that natural immunity gained from Omicron – or indeed any other variant – is valued at least as highly as vaccine-induced immunity in those despicable vaccine passports.

Furthermore, the assumption of Governments that natural immunity wanes after six months must be subjected to scrutiny.

In fact, with the nation freshly immunised in what is probably the best possible way, we must insist on the complete removal of vaccination status as being of any relevance whatsoever in determining what we may and may not do.

Omicron gives us a chance of removing the tyranny of mass vaccination.

Let’s grab it with both hands!

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  1. Unfortunately the Omi(con) version will not alter or stop the long hatched and meticulously planned actions by the members of the NWO to enslave the worlds population.
    To think otherwise would be foolish to a fault!
    Omicron arrived to keep the mass hysteria burning and to convince the doubters to accept a third or in some cases a fourth booster of the non vaxxines. More virus versions will follow without doubt requiring more and or different types of poison shots non of which are vaxxines by definition and bring no immunity for anything in particular.
    As we all should know by now, as announced by the NWO in 2019, the transition of the new order is expected to be completed by 2030.
    I for one cannot see how this disaster can be stopped unless enough people wake up from their slumber walk into oblivion very, very soon!