Scott Morrison moves to rein in Gerard Rennick after senator says Pfizer for children is ‘completely irresponsible’

I’ve personally spoken to Gerard about the provisional approval of COVIC vaccines for 5-11 year olds and I’ll tell you what…he will not be silenced I can guarantee you that!

He has THREE children in that age bracket and he will do whatever it takes to protect them!!! Good luck Scomo, trying to intimidate a man who is protecting his children…never going to happen!


Scott Morrison has urged Gerard Rennick to listen to medical experts after the Liberal senator labelled the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to 11 “completely irresponsible”.

Rennick has experienced a meteoric rise in reach on Facebook, adding 70,000 followers in a little over a month, as he shared stories of vaccine adverse events he admits he can’t be sure are “100% accurate” and videos of anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne.

Since the Therapeutic Goods Administration approved Pfizer for kids on Sunday, Rennick has lashed out over “serious concerns” about the sample size of clinical trials and again refused to vote for government legislation, this time warning he will do so until the approval is revoked.

At a Covid-19 committee hearing on Tuesday senior health officials rejected Rennick’s claims vaccinations amount to “experimenting” on children and pointed to the US experience of administering 5m doses of Pfizer to children aged five to 11 as evidence it is “worthwhile, safe and effective”.


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  1. In my opinion The Guardian is vying with Channel 7 for the most corrupt “news” service in Australia.

    The much maligned Chinese state owned media would look on in awe at how this lot manage to follow a consistent narrative irrespective of facts or events.

    Senator Rennick is a hero in my book. A politician with ethics and principals. Would would think? 🙂

  2. C’mon ‘right of centre’ minor parties, get your preferences and any serious disparities worked out asap. NONE of the ‘major’ parties deserve to be anywhere near forming governments in this country until the quisling control freaks are sorted out and banished. There are some very good parliamentary members of all those parties, but more of them need to realise that NOW is the time to make your position on so many things crystal clear to the morrisons, shortens – er, sorry, albaneses, joyces, and all the state premiers and party leaders.
    Senator Antic was on Tucker Carlson’s show on US Fox News again today and was great.
    5 days to go! Is Dom a Perrottet or just another pairatwo’s as I suspect? Gee, I hope I am wrong!!!

  3. I have always been against the death penalty, but when it comes to Morrison and the carnage he has done to Australia with this covidscam I would welcome it back just for the traitors of our once great nation…Morrison, WEF’s Greg Hunt, Andrews, Palachook, and all those scum fake health morons who destroyed our nation…I want to see them dead for what they have done to our country for a fake pandemic

    1. Ok, so we voted them all out and replaced them with honorable people, then we get a call from the world directors, in effect, “comply with the world order or you will be excluded from the world network”, That means everything, trade, finance, protection from military takeover.. etc. Are we prepared? To what extent do we yield?
      We need friends, but who? US?, China?, I don’t think so!!! They are both in this madness to their eyeballs.

  4. So let’s get this right. SCOMO is trying/wanting to reign in Senator Rennick for wanting to protect our children including his own but won’t do anything to stop China Dan and his total abuse of human rights against Victorian’s. Same goes for the other premier’s around Australia.
    Shame on you scomo and I’m looking forward to voting you out along with all your traitorous mates next election. SCOMO you don’t deserve to to be a human being.

  5. Scott Morrison

    You have betrayed the Australian people, you work for the Australian taxpayers, workers .

    We do not work for you, you Boof Head.

    I will
    Make a prediction that after the next election you will vanish into the political wilderness that accommodates all Political manipulative tyrants.

    Bye Bye Scott Morrison , who ? 👎