Get Big or Get Out: Australian Farming Crisis

In today’s video, Matt and Texas Dad react to an Australian Farmer Warning video. We feel passionately that this “WAR ON FARMERS” needs to be exposed and discussed. The long play is very easy to see, it’s a land grab by the big corporations to buy out the farmers and push them off of their land. Once the land is controlled by huge investment groups and corporations they have the power to control our food supply. The solution is to keep the land in the hands of the farmers(regardless of what they are growing) and go back to regenerative agriculture. Whether it’s growing vegetables, fruits, or livestock the best solution for everyone is to keep the food local and close to the consumer. The result of regenerative agriculture is healthier nutrient dense food, healthier people, healthier animals, and healthier land. We can not surrender to our land(food sovereignty) to big corporations. We need to remain free people. We hope that something in this video was a blessing to you, we are ALL in a real “FOOD WAR” and we need to stay aware of current events.

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