Get Your ‘Science’ Out of My Face

The following article from Spectator Australia

As if we haven’t had enough of politicians in our faces in the Peoples Republic of Victoria in the last two and a half years, we now have Dr Monique Ryan in the Federal Parliament courtesy of the Woke and bespoke voters of Kooyong.

As we Victorians drag ourselves, punch drunk and weary, from the shackles which have locked us in our homes, trying to remember how to organise our lives without Dan’s daily pressers with him setting out demarcation lines and timetables, Dr Ryan appears, promising to save us from the climate catastrophe that threatens planet Earth.

Taking her lead from the Prime Minister, she has spent the last hundred or so days congratulating herself on the win and even rewarded herself with a ABC/Louise Milligan 4 Corners propaganda puff piece entitled Independents’ Day which gave us ‘a compelling first glimpse’ into how she may wield her power. As an example, they replayed the incident in the lower house when Monique, with her Head Prefect badge firmly pinned to her lapel, pointed her finger at the members opposite and demanded – ‘Put your masks on!’ I look forward to her trying to whip Chris the Mallee Bull Bowen into more radical climate action.

Dr Ryan is a neurologist and says she is a woman of science; therefore (presumably) she cannot be questioned on her views on Climate Change, after all, she is a scientist and the science is settled. Does that mean if I suffer stroke symptoms I should contact the BOM to consult a meteorologist to diagnose and treat me? Let’s not let logic get in the way of the good doctor’s spin, let alone the facts.

I live outside Melbourne on the edge of the western plains in a tiny town called Toolern Vale, where there are more horses and rabbits than humans. We are 70km from Ballarat and the westerly wind in winter blowing from Ballarat is infinitely colder than any mother-in-law’s kiss. We are very much aware of, and exposed to, climate change, but out here we call it the weather.

I have had a gutful of being hammered with the new climate religion which appears to have little basis in science. Its adherents are a group of virtue-signalling, privileged elites who, in their delirium and zealotry, use selective climate data and extreme language to spread the word via propaganda and are brainwashing our young, infecting our Parliament, and slowly destroying our prosperity.

At present I am paying at least four times the amount I should for electricity despite having a bank of solar panels. In the near future, I can look forward to a completely random electricity supply which will interrupt my ability to earn an income and put me in third-world living conditions. My taxes are propping up the renewables market thereby deliberately sabotaging the supply of essential fossil fuels.

Chris Bowen is hell-bent on forcing me to sell my V8 ute, replacing it with a not-fit-for-purpose EV and, to top it off, wind turbine transmission lines are coming through my neighbour’s property. I hear our Prime Minister thinks the changing climate is a threat to the ‘survival of our way of life’; well Prime Minister, it is not the weather that threatens my way of life, it is your bizarre, delusional, religion-based reaction to it.

News from the UK and Europe informs us that their citizens are soon to enter the winter from hell – not because of the weather per se, but because of a shortage of baseload power and the available power they do have is astronomically expensive. Many people will be unable to afford both food and heating and people will die. Already governments are telling their citizens how they can use the available power.

Is Dr Ryan aware of this situation? If so, does she think the science differs in the southern hemisphere, or that we live in a parallel universe?


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