Canadian PM Trudeau called out for Abuses of Human Rights in the Australian Federal Parliament

Go Craig Kelly

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  1. Attention All World POLICE and MILITARY and people of the world
    Canada’s peaceful 1776 is now the 2022 Freedom Truck Convoy. Moving the chairs on the Titanic does absolutely nothing. Now is the time for radical change to free us from our tyrannical Governments.

    EMBALMER Richard Hitschman reports mysterious clotting found in 65% of deceased vaccinated individuals

    3,573 Fetal Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines – 1,867% Increase Over Non-COVID Vaccines

    NEARLY TWO MILLION AUSTRALIANS tell federal and state politicians enough is enough
    Comment:- Imagine for a moment how many more would have been there if there wasn’t Australian Government total control and censorship over the internet and the social media platforms acting as censorship banning agents on behalf of Australian Government. Absolutely criminal !

    Police Association of South Australia calls for urgent end to Covid mandates where is Ian Leavers from Queensland Police Union

    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services says no to jab mandates

    Ben Fordham 2GB Radio Calls out the covid histeria

    Craig Kelly in Australian Parliament calls out Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister for abuses of human rights

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vaccine mandates violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom says Charter signatory

    RDA again calls out the pathetic mainstream media The Age for excreting lying and lazy journalism as usual.

    Shameful New Low – Australian Federal Police do Liberal National Party and Australian Labor Party bidding to zap protesters with sonar

    ACT Police thugs incite violence at Canberra Convoy Rally Peaceful protesters against tyrannical governments and the perpetrators of assaults violence was by the Duckbill Police just looking to incite violence. These Police continue to notch up more crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity. | Cairns News

    Cops smash window of truck and pepper spray face of driver Cairns News

    Australian Federal Police Chief seeks immunity over deployment of sonic blasters at freedom protests against Government tyranny

    Alaska Convoy is Heartwarming. Hold the Line

    Pansy PM Trudeau orders in tow trucks to remove Ottawa trucks

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steals all bank accounts of truckers in blockade |

    Trudeau’s Tyranny

    Do you the people of the world want to continue living in this global governments totalitarianisim NO? Then do something about it join the global freedom from government tyranny movement

    Austrians getting passports checked in Street and shops by Police

    Global destruction of our freedom of speech and democracies is insane

    Covid 19 planned for a long long time

    Explosive video of Fauci and HHS plotting for a new outbreak to enforce Mrn

  2. One of the things that concerns me greatly about Craig Kelly is that not once has he mentioned that ALL the politicians are sitting Unlawfully in Parliament, including himself. Not once has he spoken of the removal of the monarchy in 1973. Not once has he spoken of the selling of Australia to the US Stock Exchange and the Republic that our government turned us into despite us voting at the Referendum to keep the Queen (already removed and unknown to 90% of Australians at that time). Not once has he mentioned the Unlawful changing of the Great Seal in the 1950s. The corruption goes VERY deep, yet he has not exposed it. He speaks with strength and conviction – but so do ALL the other politicians. BUT, he still holds his silence.

    1. Doing a total mega-dump-truck on umpteen issues before the election will shoot out both his knees and he’ll be left without a leg to stand on. Craig Kelly can address all these once he’s voted in. I did not know of these issues till recently – yet I don’t even know how to go about verifying any of them and can imagine wasting a whole bunch of time which us average joes don’t have; methinks it would take ten QC’s/Sc’s to get the ball rolling. No doubt, if this stuff is all valid, it must be addressed, but raising it now just adds a bunch of confusion to his election campaign at a crucial time when citizens are nearing breakdown with prolonged stress — the populace needs clarity. Please Magoo, let’s bookmark all that for post election investigation.

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