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  1. The Vaccinated have been spreading and the vaccinated now have Damaged Immune Systems and more. The Deaths and Injuries from Mandated Jabs/ Injections/Vaccines has been catastrophic and yet it continues.
    Professor of Law Mr Augusto Zimmerman has previously stated that the Governments Actions ARE UNLAWFUL.

    The Covid Tyrants and their Brutality Police Squads want Amnesty for all the Gross Violations of all our Democratic Freedoms, Rights and Choices, Unlawful Actions they have inflicted upon the entire population and the JAB/injections deaths and injuries, the damage, Destruction, can’t dance, can’t Hug, can’t leave your home, limited numbers at Funerals and Weddings, No Parties, etc. job losses due to unlawful Vaccine Mandates / Gunpoint Medicine, the elderly, lonely, sick, injured, desperate to see and hold their family members, the people who lay dying and their loved ones banned from seeing them and not able to give their loving embrace as they lay dying ! These were all inhumane Tyrannical Governments Actions and the Treacherous Tyrannical Politicians knew it and you All knew what was really going on and you All did it anyway.
    NO AMNESTY EVER Never Forget and Never Forgive.
    ABOLISH ALL Mandates and all other actions of Tyranny immediately permanently and irrevocably for all time.


    Andrews went Nuts – Evil Prevailed

    The Only Good Politician is a Frightened One

    The Freedoms Project – Freelance Writer and Independent Researcher Paul Collitis