Hesitancy is increasing as 57,300 people don’t return for second dose in NSW

About 57,000 people in NSW did not come back for a second COVID-19 vaccine, prompting health authorities to stress it is not too late to complete the course.

The statistics show the vaccine status of 57,300 people last week was considered “overdue” – meaning they had received a first dose but not returned within the recommended time for a second.

More than 40,600 people in the state received their first Pfizer vaccine more than six weeks ago but have not had a second, according to the Australian Immunisation Register. An additional 16,100 are past 12 weeks since their first AstraZeneca shot. About 500 people have waited longer than six weeks without getting a second Moderna vaccine.

If these people do not return, NSW’s double-dose goal of 95 per cent may be slightly further off than initially thought.

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  1. We need as many people as possible to wake up and see the evil agenda for what is and say no. I know it’s not easy but mass non compliance is what is needed

  2. When people see it revealed what concoction is in the jab, and others around them with adverse reactions, and learn of poor efficacy, why would anyone be aghast that many think a 2nd jab may not be such a prudent idea.

  3. bill gates mentioned in London a few days ago that the vaccines don’t work so a new formula will need to be produced. this character gates has the WHO in his back pocket, so this is another go around on the merrygo round of stupidity

    1. If you look at the structure and the participating conglomerates of the body which makes up THE NWO, 1000 major companies approximately, you find that Bill Gates is just one of many. The real heavy weights are the likes of the Rothchild family and those who control Rockbank among a throng of others.
      It is quite interesting and revealing to look up the website of The World Economic Forum. They are quite upfront with the plans for the NWO.
      They seem to expect that the TRANSITION to the new world oder will be complete by 2030. What ever bastardry happens now and in the near future has been planned a long time ago. I think that is why what is happening right around the world is almost a carbon copy of events designed to demoralise and control mind and body of the population until total submission is achieved.