A Profoundly Moving and Historic Event: What exactly did the Canberra Freedom Rally Achieve?

Article from A Sense Of Place Magazine. By David Nieuwenhoven. Images by Jamie Minto Photography.

This tribute to the Convoy to Canberra and the days which changed Australia forever has taken me three days to write as I wanted to convey many different stories, videos, pictures, messages that I have watched and received over the last few weeks from hundreds of people, groups and posts.

The Canberra convoy started out as literally a few people getting inspired by what was happening in Canada and thinking “why don’t we do that”?

There had been a lot of talk in various groups about heading to Canberra and making a stand of some sort in a non-violent way to let those know in power that we are well and truly over this absolute nonsense, mandates, fear mongering and more and many good people including nurses, doctors, fireman, teachers and essential workers just want their jobs back!

Let’s face it, pretty much every person just in Australia has been affected in some way in the last two years. Many people lost everything; including loved ones to suicide, jobs, friends, family and more.

So everyone has a story but strangely the only people that haven’t been affected are those sitting in that house on the hill in our capital….hmmm.

So, what started out as a “road trip” for a few people suddenly turned into something much, much bigger! An idea started to form…. A vision…. A movement.


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