Your self-respect has no price!

You’ll have to draw the line eventually so why not draw it now?

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  1. The heart of our self ownership lies in our right not to have unwanted drugs or other substances forced into our bodies. The right not to be assaulted.

    Do those who believe in mandated vaccination really want to establish the precedent of granting a government body the power to compel people to be injected with substances against their will?

    If you believe that the Government has the right to do this, then there is essentially nothing left that it does not have a right to do….#holdtheline

  2. Would someone tell Andrews that medical experiment
    etc. are not legal, neither is taking away our freedom,
    human rights etc. Today my daughter was given the
    ultimatum, no jab, no job. This is even more devastating
    as the employers (2) have been friends for approx. 25
    years and they have been double vaxed.